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Wedding Budget Basics

Updated on November 17, 2014

Wedding Budget

The first thing when beginning to plan your wedding is to create a budget. Starting early and getting pricing from various vendors, venues and stores, you can keep within your budget!

Getting your ceremony and reception venue booked early is important as many venues are booked months if not well over a year out.

Purchasing your dress and attendants’ dresses several months before the big day is very important; especially if you need alterations or to order in a special size or design.

Choose a theme, such as elegant, formal, country, etc so that you have focus when finding or making your decorations and floral elements.

Do you want to add elements to the ceremony such as unity sand, time capsule box, planting a tree in memoriam of those who’ve passed on, etc? If so, these take special planning with your officiant and additional items to be purchased.

Is your ceremony and reception indoor or outdoor? If outdoor, be sure you have a backup plan for inclement weather such as a tent or canopy’s. If on state park lands be sure to check on the needed permits and regulations.


Food __________________

Drinks __________________

Cake __________________

Location Fee __________________

Service Fee (wait staff, bartenders, valet) ______________________

Rentals (tables, chairs, etc.) ____________________

Decorations (other than floral) ______________________

Other: _____________________

Total for Reception: ____________________


Bridal Dress ___________________

Tuxedos ___________________

Headpiece, Veil __________________

Jewelry (other than wedding rings) ___________________

Shoes __________________

Garter __________________

Accessories __________________

Other: _________

Total for Attire: _________


Photographer ___________________

Videographer ___________________

Albums ____________________

Other: __________________

Total for Photography/Videography: ____________


DJ's _____________________

Band/Musicians for the Ceremony ___________________

Band/Musicians for the Reception ___________________

Other: ___________________

Total for Music: __________________


Marriage License _________________

Taxes _________________

Tips _________________

Other: __________________

Total Miscellaneous: ___________________


Bouquets __________________

Boutonnieres __________________

Corsages for the Mothers ____________________

Ceremony Flowers ______________________

Reception Flowers, Table Centerpieces ____________________

Cake Table ___________________

Other: __________________

Total Floral/Decorations: ___________________


Announcements ___________________

Wedding Invitations ___________________

RSVP Cards ___________________

Thank You Cards ___________________

Stamps ___________________

Reception Napkins ____________________

Other: ____________________

Total Stationery: _____________________


Bride's Wedding Ring ____________________

Groom's Wedding Ring ___________________

Total Rings: __________________


Transportation to the Ceremony ___________________

Transportation to the Reception _____________________

Guests Transportation _____________________

(Trolleys, Vans, Buses) _____________________

Other: _____________________

Total Transportation: _____________________


Wedding Favors ____________________

Gifts for the Bridesmaids _____________________

Gifts for the Groomsmen _____________________

Gifts for the Parents _______________________

Gifts for Each Other _____________________

Other: _____________________

Total Gifts: ____________________


Ceremony Location Fees _____________________

Officiant's Fee or Donation ______________________

Other: _____________________

Total Ceremony: _______________________


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