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Wedding Reception Decorating Tips and Ideas

Updated on November 19, 2010

Wedding Reception

Royal Wedding Reception Tables: for your wedding reception tables, you can use a theme, such as naming each table. For example if you are having a princess theme wedding the first two tables reserved for parents can read reserved for parents of Princess......add your name. Name all additional tables from either Disney movies or from princesses, like princess Diana. If you are reserving tables by last names of families you can add front of it. Prince Browns' Family

Wedding Reception Centerpieces: You can use a variety of things for your wedding centerpieces as long as you keep them classic and classy. You can make your centerpieces using floral foam. Foam comes in all shapes and sizes. You can use the foam circles which are flat. I like to start building from the top down and fill in with greenery to cover the foam completely. (Mirrors) Using mirrors under candles, vases, or your centerpiece will reflect light and give a glow to it, making your centerpiece stand out more. If you are using water in your centerpiece, adding food coloring will also spice it up. Choose a color from your wedding color scheme. (Rose Petals) Spray rose petals with can of glitter spray from craft store, they are sold in many different colors, clear silver glitter, gold glitter, red and more. Sprinkle your shimmer rose petals on your cake table, around centerpieces, gift table, wedding favor table and more. You will have shimmer and sparkle throughout your wedding reception decor. Votive Candles: placing votive candles around your wedding cake, or around centerpieces. Use wedding favors to fill up empty spaces on tables. Place them in L shape or circle. Using a monogram or logo: use your wedding logo on your menu's, dance floor, fabric chair covers, table linens and napkins, ice sculpture or monogram a sweet treat for your guest, such as candy bar wrappers or cookies. You can also have your logo on your wedding cake. Have a signature cocktail tinted the same as your color scheme.

Wedding Logo & Monogram: Monogramming every single item can be costly, so use your monogram on what's more important to you, like putting your monogram on your wedding cake and your wedding invitations and use your logo on your napkins and other wedding decor. Your logo can be a starfish or shells if you are having a beach wedding.

Easy & Convenient wedding planning

Wedding Reception Designs and Styles

Wedding Reception Dress: If it is more important for you to have two wedding dresses, just divide the cost, for example if your plan to spend $800 on your wedding dress, but you plan to check out sales like Davids Bridal $99 sale, you might not find your wedding dress for your wedding ceremony but you may find your wedding reception dress that you can dance in. That leaves you with $700 for your wedding ceremony dress. Don't forget about your wedding accessories like earrings, necklace, bracelet and/or tiara, and shoes that will add to and dress up your wedding dress.

Remember the things that are priceless, such as matching picture frames for photos of deceased loved ones that you will place near your memorial candle.

Tip to Remember: when you don't have money to throw away, it's best to keep things simple when it comes to wedding decor, keeping things simple, keeps the look classy, formal and classic. It's no different than when you bring that brand new item into your house and then everything else looks outdated.

Money Saving Tip for Wedding Flowers: If your budget is tight for flowers, you can have your bridesmaids carry arm bouquets, instead of full bouquets. An arm bouquet is a decorated single stem flower that is carried by the bridesmaid in the fold of the arm, the same way you cradle a baby in your arms. I always offer this cheaper option to my brides on a budget because it takes less time and flowers to create arm bouquets.

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