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Wedding Venues

Updated on September 3, 2016
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I won the English student of the Year my eighth grade year. I've always thought I would enjoy writing. Here are some of my attempts.

Springhouse Gardens

Cottage, fountain, well house, and bridge Springhouse garden
Cottage, fountain, well house, and bridge Springhouse garden | Source

Joplin, Missouri Wedding Venues

With the coming of Spring following the time of student graduating comes the season of glorious summer weddings. Joplin, Missouri has a variety of wedding venues. Today, I have chosen one venue for a large wedding and one for an intimate specialty wedding.

Springhouse Garden

Springhouse Garden Venue is located to the west of Joplin. It is 56 acres of natural open valley surrounded by trees and gentle rolling hills which was once a nursery with a greenhouse. It is a location that provides spaces for an inside or outdoor weddings.

Oak Tree

Oak Tree Springhouse Garden
Oak Tree Springhouse Garden | Source

Wedding outdoors

This venue has several spaces for you stage your wedding. Outdoors with hues of brown and green there is a grand old oak tree that has a beautiful silhouette and cast an awe inspiring shadow. There is old stone cottage and beautiful stone well house with an arched footbridge and waterfall in the same area. This is a spectacular location to place an arch. A huge stone bench sits nearby that would look great as a table, add an arch there is a perfect place for the vows. The stone cottage is a preparation suite for use by the bridal party. Back down the hill and across the valley is the greenhouse. There in the lobby is a stately fountain spraying its waters of blessings. This lobby area is wired a time of dancing. The lighting is draped in a romantic fashion that invites you to want your wedding to be in the evening. There is restrooms, an arbor, and ample parking.

Indoor Wedding

If the weather does not cooperate or the bride prefers an inside wedding. The inside of the greenhouse has high ceilings and a large open space. Special lighting, curtains, pillars, candles and more could be added to make this a romantic spots as well. There is plenty of room for the ceremony and three hundred chairs for the guests.

Contact Information

This venue is well groomed, has great directions and signage for guests and gives many spaces for the ceremony. My niece had her outdoor wedding here three years ago in October and it turned out beautiful.

Contact information for Springhouse Garden Events:
2957 Greenwood Drive
Joplin, Missouri
Instagram #springhousegardenjoplin

additional pictures

Country Caboose Wedding Chapel

Caboose wedding venue
Caboose wedding venue | Source

For the Train Lover

My next venue is more specialized. It is for the train lover. It is a caboose converted to a wedding chapel. Its motto is “ Start your life together on the right track!” The location of the caboose is to the east of Joplin. This venue provides three packages; The Whistle Stop Package which is the basic package, The Conductor’s Special which is an upgrade package and The All Aboard package which is the top package.

Caboose Wedding Chapel

Country Caboose Wedding Venue
Country Caboose Wedding Venue | Source

The Whistle Stop

The Whistle Stop provides the use of the caboose for one hour, seating for twenty people, the caboose decorated in your choice of flowers and your choice of ten songs from their collection, ten 4X6 photographs, a preparation room, and the officiator for your ceremony.

All you will need to bring is your marriage license, your dress, tux, bride, groom and guests.

The Conductor’s Special

The Conductor’s Special

The Conductor’s Special includes; all the above, except you get two hours, twenty total 4 X 6 photos instead of ten and unlimited selection from available music. There is a cake and punch reception following the ceremony. Provided are disposable plates, cups, utensils and napkins provided for the reception. A sparkling cider toast is made to the couple and they are given special “boarding tickets” commemorating the special day.

For this package all you need to bring is your marriage license, your cake from the bakery of your choice, punch or other non-alcoholic beverage for your guests to enjoy, your dress, tux, bride, groom and guests.

The All Aboard Package

The All Aboard Package includes; the use of the caboose for four hours, fifty 4 X 6 photos, a garter, and all the things for ceremony listed above.

What you will need for this package is your marriage license, your dress, tux, bride, groom, guests, your choice of cake from the bakery of your choice, punch or other non-alcoholic beverage, your catered meal with service utensils, plates, cups, napkins etc…as needed.

This venue is totally non-smoking and allows no alcohol. Additional photos taken during your ceremony will be available for purchase on line. There is a railroad museum attached to the wedding chapel. Hours are 10 - 4:30 M - F.

Contact Information

This venue is very clean, professional and designed to careful detail for the train lover.

Contact information for the Country Caboose Wedding Chapel
1100 N. Prosperity Avenue
Joplin, MO

additional pictures

The Officiator

The officiator of the Country Caboose weddings is Mr. Bobby Ballard, ordained minister. The motto on his card reads “The best thing to hold on to in life is each other.”

Contact Information
1096 N. Prosperity Avenue
Joplin, Missouri

Redings Mill Train Depot

Whistler's Hamburgers and Anderson Ice Cream
Whistler's Hamburgers and Anderson Ice Cream | Source

Redings Mill Train Depot

If you are interested in continuing the train theme for your wedding there is another train car located on the west side of Joplin, Missouri. This car was once a Post Office. It is now the dining car for the Redings Mill Train Depot which houses Anderson’s Ice Cream and Cinnamon Rolls and Whistler’s Old Fashion Hamburgers.

Whistler’s burgers are priced well in comparison to their competition. The ice cream is scrumptious and so refreshing on a warm day. The air conditioning is working well in the train car so it’s a great place to slip away to cool down. It would be a great place for the bridal party to rejuvenate after the wedding.

Contact Information


Hours are 11-9 Tues - Sat, 1-6 Sunday and closed on Mondays.
454 Redings Mill Road
Joplin, Mo

If you’re planning a wedding in Joplin has many venues available.


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