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A Square Block In A Round Hole... Or, Same Sex Marriage...

Updated on November 16, 2015

No Matter How You Spin This...

There really isn't much to say here...

With all this controversy as emotionally charged as this is - and we all know that our "sex drive" is the strongest one we have - it boils down to one thing...

It is not what your personal belief's are...

It's not whether you believe in God...

Bottom line is simple...

If this is the way, "Nature" had intended it to be, how would mankind reproduce?

Now for all of you educated women out there, I'm sure you're saying that you can easily go to a "Sperm Bank", where do you think the sperm comes from?

I'll give you a hint - a man!


Men (?) Well you can always hire a surrogate mother - hint, she's a woman...

You can't escape this fact.

You want to "explore other things" in any way, shape or form - go ahead.

Then get over it and move on!

But "Marriage"?

Hey, here's one for you...REMEMBER "PET ROCKS?"

(If you can't figure out the analogy let me know and I'll spell it out for you)

So... I'm supposed to tell my son, it's ok for two guys to be together?

So, how do they raise a family?

No matter what, they need a woman.

And to tell my daughters it's ok?

How do they raise a family?

You need a man.

Listen people, things are bad enough out there...

with the economy being majorly messed up! Crazy weather, floods, kids and "family's" going hungry, unemployment, a president - such as he is - like he needs 8 years to get things right! (Give me a break!)

And to quote General Tralane* - the fact that we are the only species in the Galaxy that preys even upon itself - (muder, rape, wars, etc.), then for SO MANY PEOPLE TO CONTINUE TO WASTE SOOOOO MUCH TIME AND EFFORT, TRYING TO CONVINCE THE WORLD IT'S OK FOR "SAME SEX MARRIAGE".

And another big congratulations to "MANKIND" because we're so gifted and the smartest species on the planet - though we are the only species - that is killing this planet - we are also the only species that wants to play Susie Home Maker within our own sex.


Look, I comprehend change and evolution...

That my cell phone - the fact that it used to only allow me to talk to my family and friends - it now does practically everything - except make my favorite drink when I get home from work.


I accept the fact that smaller cars are more energy efficient which is needed to get the best gas mileage and save us money from those crooks that are involved in the gasoline industry that makes billions of dollars off of us - even though when my son sees one of them, he says hey dad, look - it's a "Floating Toaster!"

To use energy efficient light bulbs to save money on my electric bill...

The fact that some very stupid people couldn't work things out and now, some of my favorite childhood snacks are going to disappear for ever...



I tell my kids to work hard in school. That the smarter you get, the more money you'll make. I do my best to help them in any way I can. To guide them through their lives - BUT I WILL NOT TELL THEM THAT IT'S OK TO PUT A SQUARE BLOCK IN A ROUND HOLE!

Get Over It Already!

Move On!

Look, I'm from the '60's...I'm a musician - I love everybody. But our generation spoke of love and peace. Yea, some "experimented." But the only thing that we tried to "force" people to accept, was that war was wrong!

I wish everybody peace*

* - This is a Star Trek may seem silly but it is a subtle reminder of how we neglect our brothers & sisters, our children, our planet.

How Many Of You Are As Sick Of This Topic, As I Am?

Did you hear about a school in Canada, that they were going to start teaching this stuff to 1st graders? How many of you would tell the administration where they can put their P. B & J. sandwiches?

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    • LouTucci profile image

      LouTucci 24 months ago

      William, thank you.

      I saw on line, where a little girl was going to explain to some TV talk show host how it's ok for 2 boys to "love" each other. I'm not talking about brotherly love. I got tears in my eyes.

      I see these "banners" along side of my article..."Gay Marriage" why are we behind..." Why same sex marriage should be legalized." I guess they didn't read my article. Peace, bro...

    • William Dugat profile image

      William Dugat 24 months ago from Lufkin, Texas

      This crap makes me sick. Christianity is going down the toilet and it won't be long before our religion becomes discrimination and were banned! Stay strong and make sure you teach your kids the right way man they're gonna need the knowledge and strength in the future. We need more people like you and me. Did you know pedophiles are saying that their sexual desires for kids is a sexual orientation and they can't help it? It's getting worse and worse for us. Good luck and keep it up!

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