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9 Shocking Things A Modern Woman Demands From Man:Dating Guide 101

Updated on November 14, 2015

Dating is complicated


1. Social interaction and sense of humor

Studies have found that majority of women want men who are social. They are very keen to know what you do in your social life. Who do you interact with in the social media and what things do you share. They award marks depending on what they see , like or do not like. Some of the good things they expect to see is a good sense of humor. It is true, every person want to live a happy life. Life was not meant to be boring. A boring life will be troublesome especially in the times of frustrations. Fun is a real component of romance. Being funny requires creativity and this makes women feel like they are living with geniuses who can come up with something out of nothing. It shows a good social life and the ability to handle situations in a gentle manner. Another thing they associate with the social guys is being naturally observant, meaning that there is nothing that can happen without being noted. It also indicate the ability to learn about the emotions which could be interfering with the relationship. Girls also do want to impress their friends during outings. With a funny man, this is just a norm. He can make them laugh and enjoy every minute of their endeavor.

Confidence in man


2. Confidence

Women do want those men who are go getters. Men who believe that they can get everything no matter what. Confident men are always ready to face real life situation and do not crumble when they face a problem. This adds a sense of security to a woman hence it is a big plus. A man cannot be secure with a woman if he does not truly believe in his own abilities. A highly confident man goes for what he wants and not what comes in his way. They want a man who is open about the feelings he has and not the quiet type who hides the true emotions. They want that man who has a dream and believes that he can live the dream. They look for men who can initiate things not just wait until when they propose or make suggestions. They want to know the goals that a man has and how he plans to achieve them.

3. Success

Everyone wants to be associated with a good name. There is no good that comes without a good story to tell about. There must be that thing that distinguishes it from the rest, something that everyone can note and appreciate. That is an achievement. Women want men who are achievers. Not that man who always sit down and get things done. Success does not always mean having lots of money. It means achieving or hitting the goals that you have set and positively influencing lives of other people. Women do not want to settle with a man who do everything in an ordinary way. They want a man who can tell a story of how he overcame a certain serious obstacle, faced it like a man and emerged a winner. It is a big plus as it adds confidence to a woman that they will win the battles which they will face in life.

Honesty rules


4. Honesty

The troubles in many relationships begin when this quality lacks especially in men as it marks the beginning of troubles which ends up in a failed relationship. A man should speak his mind. If things are good, he says it and appreciates it. When everything is not good, he communicate accordingly. Hiding emotions is not manly. Saying everything that matters and getting issues solved is what defines a man.

5. Understanding and Caring

Everyone want a person who can understand the situation especially in times of trouble. Women too do feel relieved when a man seems to understand what is happening to them. However, these are not the qualities found in every man. Some are actually self made dictators who want things get done their own way. A woman may not be in good mood to do something. Take for example during the menstrual days, their moods may not be right. A man should understand this. He should be ready to offer help or support to her woman. He should show concern to what happen. A caring man will assist in some of the house activities. He will do the cooking when the woman is washing. Not watching movies and leave the rest to the woman. That is an old mentality that a woman is only there to serve a man.

6. Protective spirit

Women do want to have that sense of security when they are with their men. A man should be always ready to prove this quality to his or her woman. Whenever they face a problem, a man should not crumble; it is his time to prove that quality of a fighter who keeps on going on and on no matter what. He should display the courage of a lioness protecting cubs from enemies.

7. Decisiveness and guidance

Life is all about making decisions and choosing. It is a quality that every woman demands from her man. When it comes to investing, the man is ready to take the risks and make right decisions When a family faces an obstacle, a man should not just sit down. Everyone is looking at them waiting for guidance. Researchers have shown that marriages which involve decisive man are more successful.This is because they are better planners. They are not swayed by the forces of nature or influenced by the opinions of their friends especially on matters of their relationship.

Personal hygiene

An astronaut showering
An astronaut showering | Source

8. Personal hygiene

Everyone loves a clean environment. This includes the people who surround us more so if we share a house or a room with them. Women want men who care about their personal hygiene. Kissing a smelly mouth may mean hell. This is a quality that women take a great note about during dating. Whenever they visit a man in his house, they make several observations about whether everything is in good order.

Communication is key


9. Communication and Respect

A true man respects his woman He shows concern to the feelings and opinions. It ensures that everything goes on well. It eliminates the conflicts which emanates from misunderstanding.


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    • Michaela Osiecki profile image


      3 years ago from USA

      #7 seems a bit sexist and implies that women aren't good decision makers or are too easily swayed in decision making and that's simply not true.


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