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What Are We Making Of Our Relationships?

Updated on April 16, 2013

What do we say with our relationships? Is it it less? Do we want we want less? Are we only physically attracted to the other person? Do they make us smile? Do they make us think? Do they also bring a spark?

Is the sexual nature of the relationship really all that is expected to hold it together? Yes, it is an important part of the start...the attractions that draw one person to another....very important....but??? Is that what begins and ends it?? If you look all around you, you would probably think that the sexual attraction (dah...) and all that comes with it would be the start and I would have to agree...the beginning is a charge in attraction...a smile...a laugh...a body....but is that really "all" we want to look at in the beginning....and if that is the only thing that it is about...we all know that is not what holds it together in the end?? What happens in the middle? Then what? Do we search for another...and another...and another...a neverending cycle that eventually is never satisfied.....because eventually we all get older and that attraction on the surface goes away and we are left with ourselves to ponder what we did wrong. Why are we alone?

Where is the the friendship, the respect, the integrity, the comradery, the things that you can talk about..the things shared..the momentum in the laughter..the momentum in the touch. More than anything......the simple things matter. The long term things that bond it like no other. The finishing of a sentence...a word. The fact that you know how someone will react when you do a certain thing good or bad. The fact that you make a choice to make it that way and do things to make them react that way. Do you care to do the good things that will add to their happiness and truly respect where they are and how they feel?

Do we not really feel anything and in doing so just go with the flow because we do not want to continue to be alone? Is it fun? Are there things in common? Does that person make us happier? Do we lose ourself or do you find ourself when we are with them? Are we afraid of how we feel? Are we afraid of how they make us feel? Is it in a good way? Do we take them and find that we have a sense of moving forward knowing who we are with them?...

Can we see the the present...the here and now. Is that what we want it to be? Is that really where we want it to stay? Are we getting past the past...and the wounds that seemed like they would never pass without thinking about it? Do we find in them the unaccountability of it that we have been looking toward simply because they make us forget without our knowlede of forgettfulness?

Simply doing the right thing because it is right on those terms alone. Life is about reaping what we soe or doing and letting the chips fall where they may....but in some cases people do the wrong thing in relationships and letting the chips fall means they become scattered and broken or they bring others to that state. Have we found ourselves in too many relationships that did not add up to who we were and made us feel we should be different?

Laughing, being goofy and spontaneous...with the other relishing in it....a spontaneity that only comes with a comfortable loved for who you are and when you come to terms with and love who you push forward and move on....Only you can make yourself self conscious and make you something other than who you are, but when you find peace and solitude with who you are others can no longer define define yourself and in that defining of yourself you build far greater relationships than anyone else can ever fact they, themselves, will long for them.


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