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What Colors Say About Sexual Preferences

Updated on October 14, 2009

Colors Tell On You!

The world is made of many colors. People are attracted and connected to certain individual colors, hues, and patterns. Color choices accentuate skin, moods, and personalities. Adding color to your personal surroundings can put individual sexual preferences on display.

People fill their surroundings with colors that appeal to them. The colors we choose in clothing, home decor, and vehicles give clues to sexual personalities.

Often, people claim they do not prefer one color over another, but let your eye wander over their accessories, and you'll see definite color schemes and patterns. Predominant colors, the ones that appear most frequently, can indicate our sexual qualities and mirror sexuality.

If you are attracted to, or often choose any of the following colors, perhaps you will recognize individual sexuality traits and preferences.


People who like red tend to be energetic lovers. They easily become aroused, and enjoy sex to the fullest. When a sexual spark is ignited, it may take hours to extinguish. Erotic sexual activity between two reds could make the most experienced blush! Lovers of red tend to possess aggressive traits, and weaker colors might be unable to keep up.


Wonderful sex partners can be found amount lovers of blue. These people are affectionate and sensitive to their partner's needs. Making love tends to be a fine art, and they approach the subject elegantly. Male blues cover you with tender, delicate touches. But be aware, tenderness will give way to enrapture and delightful intimacy.

Females in the blue category enjoy sex thoroughly. Considered to be exciting partners, their passion could be described more as a tidal wave than fiery aggression. All blues like foreplay as much as the sex act itself. Married blue people tend to be reliable and trustworthy mates who rarely seek outside interests.


People who prefer green exhibit qualities of innocence when approaching sex. Quite often, green lovers approach love making like virgins their entire lives. Male greens tend to be a bit clumsy and awkward, but they are charming and endearing. Green lovers are known to be gentle, but lack displays of passionate desires. Infidelity is not a character of a green mates.


Yellow people have complex sexual drives are complex, but are adaptable. These people tend to consent to a dominant partner's desires in a passive way. They enjoy sex, but will never turn down an invitation or opportunity from an admirer.


Persons who like pink display a reluctance for sexual maturity. Women tend to tease, or promise more than they ever intend to produce. Many openly flaunt their femininity, but secretly dislike men. Men who like pink are philanderers and flirts of the sexual world. They might make three dates for an evening with no intentions to carry through. Often they prefer pick-ups to relationships. Women that have pink husbands need to stash money away, because they just might need an available nest egg.


People passionate about the color black can indicate abnormal sex. Many times these people do not fit in the 'normal' sex world, and gravitate towards other black colors. Their tendencies seem to delight in perverted sex, including masochistic or sadistic activities. They, usually, are moody, and perform their best when under stress or during cheerless situations. Often, sex offenders prefer the color black, and perhaps relate to the attire of mobsters.


Lovers of the color orange lean toward sexual fantasy. They regard the sex act as a dramatic play, and they are the star. Foreplay is very important to lovers of the color orange. Many orange people do not experience orgasm, but they can put on a great show! Men tend to pull their partner's hair and be forceful, while women like to mark their territory by leaving red welts on a partner's back.


If you love brown, you're an absolute treasure, that is, for the right mate. Brown lovers tend to be warm, profound, and sensitive to partner's needs and desires. To them, saying “I love you” cannot be voiced enough. Simple pleasures, such as snuggling by the fireplace, walking in the rain, or making snow angels is a turn-on to a lover of brown. Privacy is an absolute necessary for love making. Just one harsh word could end an affair, as their emotions run high.


Many indecisive people like the color gray. They find it difficult to get excited about anything, so they choose a noncommittal shade. Men who prefer gray see sex as a way to relieve tension, nothing more, nothing less. They are the wham, bam, thank you ma'am type of lovers.

Females who prefer gray don't make love, they have intercourse. They engage in sexual intimacy for just one of two reasons: to accommodate their mate, or to become pregnant. They might count the cracks in the bedroom ceiling until the sex act is over and finished. When a gray gets together with another color, infidelity is considered a blessing, by the gray partner. When two grays marry, it is a marriage made in heaven.


Sex often is considered to be a filthy, repulsive ace by people who prefer the color white. They are puritanical in nature, and French kissing is obscene. Making love in the daylight is never to be had! Women who love white, prefer to undress under the covers, and men will shower before and after the sex act. The will use pet names for genitals, rather than articulate, seemingly, repulsive or descriptive words.


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    • profile image

      ivori 8 years ago

      Woo-Hoo! Two reds! Me, I like red and my husband is blue. But, still a good combo.

    • creativeone59 profile image

      benny Faye Douglass 8 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona

      Hey,Thanks ivori, thanks for your what color say about your preference hub. my husband and I or lovers of the color red. thanks for your info. creativeone59