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What Do Guys Want?

Updated on September 7, 2015

Have you ever really wondered what goes on inside a guy's brain? What does he want and why does he do the things that he does? Here is an interview off the record who explains what guys really want. So no more you will have to guess how to make your guy happy.

Jen Panaro: When it comes to love and a relationship or being single which one do you prefer?

Off The Record: Single

JP: Why do you feel that way?

OTR: Because I like my freedom. I like to do what I want.

JP: Is it true that a girl will be alone if she will not sleep with a guy within a month?

OTR: No, not at all

JP: Does a girl have to change in order to be loved?


JP: Do guys really want a bad girl?

OTR: Absolutely

JP: What are some tips for a girl who is looking for love?

OTR: She has to want to give him what he wants and not give him what she thinks he wants.

JP: What is it that guys really want?

OTR: Everything

JP: There is a saying that all players will change once they meet the right girl. Is that true?

OTR: To an extent.

JP: Can a girl do anything to make a guy want to settle down?

OTR: Everything.

You do not have to change yourself to get a guy to love you. You do not have to sleep with a guy within a month to get him to stay with you but there are things that you could do for that guy to make him want to be with you. The minute you feel you have to give up your values for someone else is the minute that you should not be in that relationship because when someone loves you they will accept you for who you are and not want you to compromise your values.


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