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What Do You Learn from Missing Someone

Updated on March 31, 2011

Missing someone is static & boring;

but learning from what you've been missing is a progressive step towards a firmer relationship.

Self realizing the true meaning behind missing someone brings back the spice in your life.

In life now and then, we keep missing someone. There can be many reasons that results in such a psychological change in our brain that controls our whole thought process. But have you ever experienced it; where is it found?

You're right! If you need to see what's missing someone like, please contact your nearby couple for all the required information. And if you have experienced it, you're definitely going to feel this article. But I am not here to discuss about what's missing someone like. I am here to tell you about what we can learn from missing someone. What thoughts run through my mind and why I felt the urge to write this article about learning from missing someone.

It's nothing personal but in my opinion, missing someone is a very good opportunity to remind yourself about what you didn't/couldn't do when you were together. You might be one of the best couple in your group, full of life, outgoing & jolly, very well compatible, understanding, and deeply in love. But nothing in this world is perfect.

In the journey of a relationship, you'll always encounter rocks and thorns alongside green pastures. Such times can bring frustration, depression, and many a times it may lead to breakups. But if you really hear the call from inside, missing someone can be the perfect rehab.


Here's the catch.

Think about your best moments. Realize that when you do that, you feel like everything else can wait. Tell me when you consider yourself ready. Oh! you are! That's quick. Now you're in the mode to miss someone. But this is just the beginning.

It's only when chances slip from your hand do you realize its worth. I just am asking you to accept it in a practical way by applying it in your life. If you take time to think about what you're going to miss when your special someone won't be there, you will never feel regret later. Because tomorrow when you'll remember her, it will be pleasant thoughts that will help you cheer up your mood, knowing how you thought about everything when you had time and chance to do everything for him/her.

OK! I lied about regretting coz no matter what, people are gonna end up being blue no matter how happy, devoted, and understanding they were for each other. But trust me it's not going to be the same regret that you normally feel. The regret word will be replaced with Contentment.

Once you start realizing what you've been missing about him/her will you be only ready to fulfill it next time you get a chance. For example; guys if you missed taking her out on dates, just plan it now and fill it up with spices you think she's gonna like, or say something she hasn't heard from you etc. There can be infinite ways depending upon you.

Circumstances can vary according to different couples and the chemistry between them but the general rule that applies to everyone is that, "To sustain a relationship, you need to be dynamic. If you love him/her, cherish it. Take time to think about your relationship and realize what you're going to miss the most about your partner."

From the slightest expressions, to the warmest hugs; from the most annoying things to the loveliest times, you are going to miss everything. In case you're still together, try it today. If you're going to meet him/her sometime soon, Plan ahead.

And if you're not going to see each other for a long time and if this article doesn't help............I have something for you too. Will come back soon with it.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Amazing article really turns the frown upside down

    • lilmissbookworm profile image


      8 years ago

      Losing some one is tragic but then again makes us stonger individuals. great hub.

    • sharenscott profile image


      8 years ago from New Delhi

      Great article yet....true depictions


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