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Are You Alpha?

Updated on September 8, 2016

The Alpha Complex

What comes to your mind when you hear the word alpha? Maybe you get the image of a wolf, or maybe you picture a strong guy who is astonishingly handsome and has perfect skin. Merriam-Webster defines alpha as: having the most power in a group of animals or people. In this article I will give you two characteristics all alpha men contain.

The first step in obtaining The Alpha Complex is to have confidence. Yes, if you have confidence you've put yourself ahead of more than half the male population. Women will use a weak and cripple-minded man all night long to get what they want. And why shouldn't they? If someone was willing to buy you drinks wouldn't you accept? And this is what happens, the weak guys buy the girls all these drinks believing they're getting somewhere when in reality the women have no intention of doing anything with this loser. Without confidence, a man accepts every abuse or situation from a woman without challenging her, and guess what? Women love a challenge! A man without confidence is a man without skill. A man without skill is boring to women. She’s a hunter, but the kill is too easy, so she moves on to the next challenge. She looks for big game, the guy she can’t control or repress.

The second step is body language. What does your body language say about you? Answer truthfully, how do you carry yourself around women? What you as a guy need to know when approaching a female is to have an open posture. Body language is the most important thing in conversing with a woman. Many men however find it difficult to show the right kind of posture when having an interaction with a female. As guys we should have our shoulders back, our head up, and the most important out of these 3 things always look her in the eyes. What this shows is that you are actually engaged in what she has to say. If your eyes are drifting all over the place and looking everywhere but at her what is she going to think? Answer, that you don't care what she has to say and now you're alone. Always keep your eyes on her. When you are having a conversation with a female don't act like it is the biggest moment of your life. Enjoy her presence! Women want to be with a guy who excites them. Too many times guys put the female on a pedestal and that does nothing but make you appear weak and needy. You should be relaxed and enjoying the moment. When you are actually like that you'd be surprised at how many girls you date or take home.

Once you fully understand these two aspects of The Alpha Complex I promise that you will see an increase in how many women you get and how much better your life becomes. Stop over-thinking and start becoming the man you were meant to be. God Bless!


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