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What NOT To Do To Your Girlfriend

Updated on March 22, 2013

If there is 1 thing girls have in common, it is what they look for in a guy... if you are looking for a serious relationship, that is. Girls want a guy who will always make them feel wanted. That is the key term; make her feel wanted. Make her realize she gave her heart to the right guy. Of course, the guy will do anything for the girl in the beginning. Why wouldn't they? If they didn't, the girl wouldn't give them a chance. Guys trick girls into thinking they are the sweetest, most wonderful guy on the planet, and once they are in the relationship for a long time, some girls tend to get trapped. Guys, if you're not going to be faithful, then don't break the poor girls heart. And if you do really want to be with that girl forever, never quit or slack with being that amazing guy, ever. Trust me, it will make the relationship so stressful. Here are some really great tips I see used (and sometimes abused) everyday to maintain a healthy, less stressful relationship. I hope they help!!

  • Don't target her lowest weaknesses/ flaws. Ever. Anger, anxiety, depression and any other psychological disorder your girlfriend can have is a serious issue. You need to make it as easy as possible for them, before and after professional help. They can't handle stress well, and you're that one person that they look to for help. Before you put yourself to that commitment,,,make sure you are ready to handle that responsibility. You may even save their life,
  • Don't fight. Okay, I know every relationship has its problems. But guys, you need to drop the ego and stop proving yourself right when you're wrong. And even if you think you're right, don't put her heart and your relationship on the line. Be there for her, comfort her.
  • Always be honest. You can be honest without hurting her feelings! Talk it out. Don't lie to her, no matter what. If you're nervous of telling her something, do it very calmly.
  • Put her feelings before yours. I'm not saying give in to her every thought.. but come on guys, girls are and always will be 10x more sensitive then you. Its a fact, not a secret. You have to cherish her.
  • Don't let her down. Girls don't really like change in their relationship. They like knowing why they fell in love with you and loved being reminded each and everyday. They like feeling safe, secure and comfort. Don't get their hopes up by being an amazing guy one day and not showing how much you care the next.
  • Don't ignore her. Being in a relationship, you're going to talk a lot more, maybe even all the time! That should be something you both look forward to and love. Don't ignore her. If you're busy, explain that to her. If you are in a bad mood, let her try and help and explain that you don't want to talk because of the situation, not her.
  • Don't make her wait for you. Don't make her text or call you first. You're the guy, make her feel special.
  • Listen to what she says. Girls may seem bossy and controlling sometimes, but whether you know it or not, they are doing it for your own good. They are telling you these things to make them feel better and to help out the relationship. If you don't agree or understand something, talk it out!

If you are a guy reading this, you might be thinking this is a lot to handle. This is called commitment. The girl also has to do her part but like I said, she is a lot more sensitive then you are. Girls are known to be more dependent on guys, not the other way around. These are tips to keep your healthy, mature relationship grow strong.


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