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What Does Your Facebook Profile Picture Say About You ?

Updated on August 17, 2012

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Most people these days have Facebook. The first thing that people are going to look at is your profile picture. But what exactly is your profile picture trying to say to your friends, family, Co-workers and the ever so popular “ People you may know "

Every picture is worth a thousand words so what does your picture say about you ?

A clear picture of Yourself

Congratulations!! You know what a profile picture is, It's a picture of yourself not a picture with you and your boyfriend / girlfriend or a bunch of friends. This persons profile picture says "This is me ....Take me as I am "

The Couple Shot

You know what I'm talking about, the picture where you see two people together usually a guy and a girl. These people are so in love that they that have " In a relationship" as their status just isn't enough for them they must have their partner included in their profile picture . I wonder if they share the same tooth brush ?

My Baby Is So Cute

There are some people who can't help but put their adorable baby as their profile picture. This profile pictures say “ I'm all grown up and I have responsibilities "

With a Bunch Of Friends

People who decide to have this as their profile picture enjoy being with friends and having a great time but that theyr'e really trying to say is “ Look at Me... I love being popular "

The Object

For some reason there are some people who decide that an object better represents them rather then themselves. But what it really means is...." Hmm, looks like someone's got a new car "

The Mirror Shot

Mirror Mirror on the wall...Who's the fairest of them all ? These people obviously liked what they saw in the mirror at that time so they just couldn't let this opportunity pass them by. It's usually of someone standing in front of the mirror holding their phone in one hand while the camera flash is reflecting off the mirror

The Defaut

The default picture is a silloutte of a male or a female. People who decide to have this as their profile picture are extremely private people and don’t like to express themselves


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