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What Happens When A Man Secretly Wears Lingerie

Updated on May 17, 2010

In spite of their shortcomings in the lingerie acceptance department, women who won't support their husbands wearing lingerie may otherwise be excellent partners and mothers. No human can be everything to everyone, in spite of all Hallmark's attempts to convince you otherwise. Every single person currently in a relationship that works knows that they settled on some issues that were never outlined in any romance novel. A man can be utterly in love with a woman who could never understand his desire to wear women's clothing, and in those instances, which are unfortunately far too common to be described as rare, a man is left with a choice.

As unfulfilling as a relationship with a person who demands that you meet ken doll expectations of dress may seem to many of us, we're not you. And if you decide that you want a relationship with a woman in spite of the fact that she is imperfect in the areas of unconditional love and acceptance then personally I do not see any shame in continuing to wear lingerie away from her presence.

We open up to our partners in order to give them a chance to join us in our personal joys. If they choose not to share them, that does not mean we must also cast them away. As long as they do not impinge on the family's happiness or well being, every person should be free to pursue their personal interests and happiness as long as they wish.

Of course, some women won't just stop at being happy that you're no longer talking about lingerie. Some women may try to make their man stop wearing lingerie ever. They may guilt a man and make him promise to throw his lingerie away. I can assure you that if you agree to this and actually do it, you will be back buying panties within the year and your relationship will suffer from the natural resentments that arise from such ultimatums. Does resentment and bitterness sound good? No? But wait! There's more!

Once you're back buying panties, you'll find a new joy. The joy of forbidden fruits. Wearing lingerie is always a bit of a taboo for a man, but wearing lingerie secretly under dire threat of wifely displeasure if you're caught out? You're going to love that. It's like an incredibly addictive guilt fueled drug.

Wives are not jailers. Their job is not to micro-manage every moment of a man's life. Having written that, I'm going to go inform my boyfriend that it is bed time. Because there's no advice like imperfect, mildly hypocritical advice.


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    • profile image

      Niqqi 7 years ago

      If it were a secret in our house, there would still be a bit of a hidden thing I'd hope the wife wouldn't find and it would be a hindrance to communication and the relationship as a whole. Since it is not a secret, we have arranged things to where it is a benefit to both of us. For example, this past Saturday my wife was able to go into town to a meeting and then go shopping and be completely at ease knowing when she comes home there would not be a mountain of housework waiting on her. She knew that I was cheerfully doing the housework because I was completely dressed in lingerie, a housekeeping dress and apron.

    • profile image

      AlanaRaso 7 years ago

      Gosh, again I read these posts and realize how fortunate I am. The only guilt I get from my wife is her request that I make more of my own lingerie because of fit and my desire for more feminine frills than can be acquired locally or online.

      I could not imagine my marriage if I had to keep my love of lingerie a secret. There is also a special bond that my wife and I share because since she also love beautiful lingerie (and clothing) that we are co-conspirators in a sense that it is secret, sensual and exclusive to us in our relationship.

      Another beneficial by-product is that when the love of lingerie is shared by a couple, I would say that the devotion to that relationship on the part of the male will be very high.

      While I didn't marry my wife because she supported my lingerie interests. I married her because she is the most outstanding person I have ever known. 21 years later, I still feel that way. Her understanding of my soft interests is one of a hundred reasons why I would never want to do anything to damage our relationship.

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 7 years ago

      Cheers matey!

    • thevoice profile image

      thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

      terrific great smart hub read thanks