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Best Gift Ideas For Ladies to Make her Happy

Updated on November 1, 2017
tlcs profile image

I love writing about a variety of different subjects. I hope you enjoy my view on these subjects and will appreciate your honest opinion.

Her Ideal Gift Would Be to Receive it wrapped by you!

Her Ideal Gift Would Be to Receive it Wrapped by you!
Her Ideal Gift Would Be to Receive it Wrapped by you! | Source


It's so easy to just ask isn't it? Wouldn't it be great if you could read her mind and get the inspiration from her without having to ask her right out!

Well I am a 'her', mum, daughter, nanny, best friend, wifey but not a mistress I hasten to add! That said we are all girls.

Now some of you might say that us ladies, girls, women or wifey's or in fact what ever you wish to call us are individual with different ideas as to what a great ideal gift would be. Yes, you are all right, so, I have looked at the gift's that I have been brought previously and I have looked at the ideal gifts that I would like to receive and have come up with this useful inspiration for you, the ideal gift buyer!

First of my favourites would be a Camera

I have to say that when my hubby presented me with a camera as a gift I was overwhelmed with excitement!

I was really shocked that he had actually thought about what I would like and came up with something original but not something that us ladies would expect.

My camera actually goes everywhere with me when I am riding on our motorcycle (see my hubs on touring). I have fallen in love with it. We see so many different beautiful sights that this gift is now part of my biking attire.

The Camera is also good for holding onto all of the family memories!

Not only do I use it all the time when riding but it has become part of the family too, when every my family are visiting I ensure that I take plenty of photographs of them. Memories are something that we all need and the Camera has to be the number one for me when it comes to treasuring them.

My hubby really thought about this because he also knows that I am into gardening and I love beautiful flowers and also like to take pictures of them, the camera also for me is a must for taking pictures of birds in your garden which I also do.

Fifty shades of Grey - for imagination and intrigue

If she hasn't been brought it or read it already then her ideal gift would be to receive the trilogy I am sure. I have no doubt that once she gets herself settled down in her cumfy'est chair with a glass of Pinot Grigio and nothing else but peace, it will enable her to take in this absolutely mind blowing set of books written with such passion which any women would be totally enthralled with. As long as her age is above 18 I think this is what her (as in all the categories in the introduction) ideal gift would be to receive.

Call me old fashioned but her ideal gift would be to receive one of these lamps

I absolutely love my lava lamps, call me old fashioned but I have two of them! Both of them sit in my conservatory and get switched on as soon as I arrive home from work, I put my feet up, grab my fifty shades of grey book (finished them now! disappointingly!) have half an hour before preparing the dinner.

For some unknown reason these lamps have a way of getting you to drift off into a state of pure serenity where you not thinking of anything at all, just looking at the wax balls flying up into the glass dome and making different shapes.

I must admit it isn't just me who loves them but my grandson is also amazed and intrigued by them, he sits there quietly watching them first thing in the morning whilst I am preparing his milk and cookies This has to be my third her ideal gift would be to receive, it just doesn't disappoint to fascinate me.

Presents, presents, presents, her ideal gift would be to receive lots of gifts!!!
Presents, presents, presents, her ideal gift would be to receive lots of gifts!!! | Source

Exercise fitness machine and me whilst watching my portable TV are a must for getting exercise

Ok, may sound odd, but for me the ideal workout has to be done whilst watching the television or listening to a CD.

I'm not one for running outside and I am sure as you know that there are many women like me who would much rather put the television on and do a full workout whilst watching it!

I tend to get so engrossed in what is on television that I forget that I am exercising!

This has to be what her ideal gift would be to receive.

Something really different - Twinkle lights for the garden for all those budding gardeners who would like it to stay light for a little longer so they can garde

I love my twinkle lights in the garden.

Strange I know but her ideal gift would be to receive something completely different but functional and only a gardener would know that there is nothing worse than being in the middle of a project and it getting to dark for you to complete the project.

Hey presto twinkle lights are sufficiently bright enough to enable you to get the job done.

They also look lovely in the evening time when you sit outside with your book and a Pinot Grigio!

This has to be what her ideal gift would be to receive.

My sister told me I should get a kindle!

When my sister showed me her kindle, I was amazed at what it could do!

You see I basically get by when it comes to electrical products and am only prepared to learn about how they work if I own the product! I cannot stand window shopping and then going home without the product. This is what I did when I first set eyes on the Kindle that my sister has, now all I have to do is to point my hubby in the right direction for what her ideal gift would be to receive meaning me.

This short video may help if you decide to buy one for her

Next up would have to be Jewellery - the Ring

Now us ladies all love our jewellery as I'm sure you know.

The only thing that I am going to discuss with you here is that out of all of the types of jewellery that there are on the market I would have to say personally (mind this is my opinion, not all the other females out there!) what I would and always love to receive are Rings!

Now I have given this a lot of thought. And whilst typing have noticed that the rings on my fingers (although I do have many more but where them for best!) are still there! What I mean by that is that I have'nt lost them!

Constantly I lose earrings, bracelets, ankle chains, necklaces, you name it and I tend to lose it, except for my Rings.

I've listed some of the other types of jewellery what her ideal gift would be to receive but mine 100% has to be the Ring.

Now obviously I would say be very careful if you are contemplating this for a Mistress as this could cause all sorts of problems! Take heed....

Oh ......., I hear her say, I've broken a Nail!

Us women love our Nails. We also love artificial nails and a lot of us have learnt how to apply these nails ourselves. Normally it's because we just have'nt the time to sit in a Salon having them done for us, so, we do them ourselves.

Ok, it may take a few attempts to get it completely right but 'practice is perfect' so my mum used to say to me and the reward of looking at your own achievement and the money you have saved by doing it yourself is massively rewarding

I put what her ideal gift would be to receive and artificial nails as a perfect gift.

You could show her the video if you do buy her some

We love our Smellies!

Yep this never fails, Perfume is nearly always a winner.

That said, always be careful not to go to sweet with the aroma. It is always far more smelly to us the women wearing it on her skin than to the buyer when they try it by sniffing it.

Every women loves a Smartphone

Where would we be without our phones!

Us ladies love to have our phones with us at every minute of the day and it is a must if we want to stay in touch with the whole family.

I wouldn't go anywhere without my phone, purely because in this day and age it is necessary to take it with you! How else would we be able to get hold of someone when we are in dire straits and alone and maybe outside. Phone at hand, hey presto you have no need to worry about your loved one.

Just in case you are brought one this video may help!

A laptop has to be next for writing inspirational hubs wherever she is!

I must say that the laptop rates high on on my what her ideal gift would be to receive list and opening this would be I think very thoughtful as the person buying it would know that she enjoys going on the web and having fun whether it be socially on Facebook with her friends or buying, selling or just generally browsing.

What do you think?

Out of these items what would you put as number one

See results

Binoculars, yes bino's these would come into the what her ideal gift would be to receive, why I ask you say?

Some of us 'she's have already received an awful lot of gifts over the years! And some would say what do you buy the lady who has everything?

Well, one of the items could be night binoculars, the reason for this is that especially if she is into gardening or wild life or nature, these would be a fascinating unique gift to buy!

And I promise you she would be so, so surprised! Don't believe me then try it!

Her ideal gift would be to receive lots and lots of them!
Her ideal gift would be to receive lots and lots of them! | Source

Oh my word, I could go on and on with so many other ideas, here are a few traditional ideas

  • You could go for one of the following and I'm sure she wouldn't be disappointed!
  • Hairdryer
  • Tongs
  • Makeup Mirror with light
  • Hair Extensions
  • Receipt for next planned holiday
  • Gym Membership

Now for all the lady bikers, new biking gear is a must!

Being a biker, nothing makes me smile more than when I receive new biking gear!
Being a biker, nothing makes me smile more than when I receive new biking gear! | Source

Leather Jeans

It would be great if we stayed the same size every single day wouldn't it!

But, unfortunately we don't. And as a biker it would be great to have different sizes of leather jeans for when we gain or lose weight!

I love leather jeans!

If your getting the Jeans then your need to get the jacket!

You can't have a new pair of jeans without the new jacket, surely that wouldn't go down to well!

And the crash helmet would have to match too!

Throw in the crash helmet for good measure!

Biker boot's do wear out you know!

Nothing worse than having to buy new biker boots, mine are falling off of my feet, but I refuse to let hubby buy me new ones as they take so long to break in!

That said however if your buying her the full set of leathers then the boots will have to come too!

© 2014 Trudy Cooper


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    • tlcs profile imageAUTHOR

      Trudy Cooper 

      4 years ago from Hampshire, UK

      Glad you like it ezzly!

    • ezzly profile image


      4 years ago

      Fantastic hub, great ideas especially the fitness machine :)

    • tlcs profile imageAUTHOR

      Trudy Cooper 

      4 years ago from Hampshire, UK

      Do you know what Susan Zutautas I have been very lucky that my friends and family have brought me these gifts throughout my life! However, there is one remaining gift I would love to receive again and that is the golden retriever puppy, I hope my hubby reads this remark!

    • Susan Zutautas profile image

      Susan Zutautas 

      4 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      I couldn't choose in your gift selection pole because I think all of your suggestions are great ones. I have a Kindle and I must say that I do love it.


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