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What I Notice First About You

Updated on January 14, 2016

What 3 things do you notice first in a person you've never met before?

So the question I saw while looking around here was, "What 3 things do you notice first in a person you've never met before?". Here is the link. There were only four answers. All dealing with eyes, personality and other BS. This is where I will tell the truth about all of us!

Let's break this down into two categories. Men meeting a woman, and man meeting another man.

Man meeting a woman

Granted I can't speak for every guy out there, but as a man, I think it's safe to say I'll hit this right on!.

The first thing I notice concerning a women is her breasts. I mean come on! They are just sticking out pointing right at you! It's impossible for your eyes not to drift downward. Naturally the more cleave that is revealed, the more studying a man will do. We will have your breasts named before you even introduce yourself.

The second thing we will notice is your face. Especially if you have anything growing on it. A mole, pimple, wart, anything out of the ordinary we will notice. Again, we can't help it. Our eyes will be drawn to it automatically. If you are lucky enough to not have these things, we will notice how pretty you are.

The third thing we will notice is your butt. Again, what do you expect ladies? You will be wiggling that thing back and forth with every step. We are the snake and your ass is the snake charmer. We get hypnotized and notice nothing else. It's probably the only thing that will take our minds off your breasts!

Man meeting man

Again, I will tell the truth. I'm sure a lot of guys will be denying everything

The first thing we notice about other guys is their woman. If you are with a woman we will notice. Don't care if it's your wife, girlfriend, sister or mother. We will size them up. Of course we will use the three steps for meeting a woman mentioned previously. After we spend a few minutes looking at your woman, we will get back to the guy.

The second thing we notice about other guys is whether. we can take them or not. Whenever two guys meet, it has to be decided who is the alpha dog. While this very rarely leads to a physical confrontation, it is done though speech. Within minutes of meeting, the order of dominance has been selected.

The last thing about a man that a guy will notice is his car. Other then his woman, a man's car defines who he is. Some guys place the car above the woman. Sports car, you got money and love to party. A sub Compact, you are a penny pincher and probably live with your parents. A mini van, you are married and you wife has total control.

Woman meeting woman

I'm not qualified to tackle this question. I imagine it has to do with weight, hair and make up. That's just a guess. I'll leave the real answer for someone else.


This is the truth as I see it. Not everyone is like this. Every rule has an exception. I'm not judging anyone's physical appearance or personality. This is only a entertainment piece and doesn't in any way reflect reality. Of course everyone giving those safe answers of eyes, personality, and so on, aren't dealing with reality either.


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    • profile image

      Helen 4 years ago

      Hahaha...On Man meeting Man. I know now you are correct on point number 2. I introduced my adult son to a bodybuilder friend of mine.After my friend left the exact words my son said was "oh I can take him". What insight you have. You're probably right about women also.

    • suncat profile image

      suncat 6 years ago

      Thanks a lot for answering my question.

      This is really funny and I think you're quite a writer. :~))