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What If Men and Women Really Were Equal?

Updated on December 21, 2009

Like many of you, I grew up being told that girls can do anything that boys could do, but as a biological set bonus, they also got the power to bleed for several days every month and bear live young . It was the mid 80's when feminism was hot and hip and terribly important. Gender equality was all the rage then, and some people would say that we are closer to true gender equality than ever before, but are we really? And what would happen if we actually achieved true gender equality? Take a look into the magical pool of equality and see what the world would be like if men and women truly were equal.

Men would be given joint custody of their kids as a matter of course. Women wouldn't be automatically given full custody because 'a child needs its mother', as a child would also be regarded as needing its father just as much.

Men could wear skirts as much as women wear pants. 'Men's' and 'Women's' sections would disappear from department stores to simply be replaced with a larger range of sizes and cuts designed to cater to all figures. It would be just as likely that two men would show up at a party wearing the same dress as two women.

Men could behave irrationally towards their partners and successfully blame it on their hormones without being regarded as a bad person.

A man could slap a woman across the face for saying something sexist, and nobody would blink an eye.

Men could start fights in the street, and instead of calling the cops, women would gather around calling out 'cat fight' and expressing how very excited they were in a carnal sort of way by seeing two men fight. Men would sometimes be paid to fight in jelly for the amusement of women.

Women would be paid the same amount of money as men, for doing the same job. Women would not be regarded as a cheaper labor option by many companies.

A woman could have multiple romantic partners and be considered a stud, not a woman of loose morals. In fact, the more men a woman was able to have, the more highly she would be regarded in society and amongst her peers.

Women could go about the place totally unkempt and be regarded as having 'rugged charm.'

Women could get fat and go balding and yet have romances with young, attractive men based on their net worth.

A reality tv show of a successful elderly woman with three live in boyfriends would be made. After the first few seasons, the original three boyfriends would be replaced with newer, younger boyfriends, because she wouldn't date men over 24 years old if she could help it.


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    • Hope Alexander profile imageAUTHOR

      Hope Alexander 

      8 years ago

      Comment from stayforthedebate that was great but had to be slightly moderated:

      You make an excellent point here, but I think (and hope) some of these will go the other way. Suppose men who had multiple romantic partners at the same time would be considered men of morals? And suppose Women were held responsible for their irrational behavior and had to apologize to their partners for it, rather than blaming it on their hormones (although I've seen men behave irrationally and offer no explanation). There are a few others I wish could go the other way, such as the success reality shows and dating younger, more attractive people based on net worth. I think both of those are unlikely, since people will always watch bad television and there will always be "gold-diggers."

      I do hope that some time in the future women won't be able slap men for making a sexist remark, then turn around and make their own sexist remark and pass it off as "feminist." I also hope that high school girls won't get away with ridiculing and/or demonizing boys for going to see Megan Fox movies and then scream about how they went to see new moon just Taylor Lautner take his shirt off.

      I don't think we'll ever be rid of men's and women's clothing because both genders have different bodies. Different bodies look good on different people. A short, stick-thin person would wear very different clothing than a tall, heavy person. Navigating a clothing department is diffcult and painful enough without throwing everything together in one giant heap. I wish they would make women's ties and I'm sure some men wish they would make men's skirts, but I would not be in favor of combining the men and women's departments.

    • OpinionDuck profile image


      8 years ago


      Animals in the zoo have been brought without either parent.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Just one little point of disagreement with Jim: men and women are NOT inherently of equal importance to the continuation of the species, at least not biologically. Significantly fewer women, significantly less likelihood of species survival. Significantly fewer men, reduction in biodiversity. The fact is, as much as we men may wish to deny it, we're pretty well useless after we've passed on our genetic material. The same may not be said of the human female. The offspring must be carried to term, nursed to weaning and then "brought up," either with or without male guidance. Simply put: after insemination, there is not a blessed thing a man can do for a child that a woman cannot, unless it be that oh-so-important winter lesson to a little boy about how to right his name in the snow while he pees.

    • Jim Bryan profile image

      Jim Bryan 

      8 years ago from Austin, TX

      Mr Alexander: You Madam, are brilliant! Even in our forms of address we divide the sexes. I'll agree that some of the behaviors you mention are purely due to societal pressures, they are not all due to such.

      There are several fundamental differences between the genders and gender roles, not merely physical, but instinctual. Failure to address this fact causes some of the stumbling blocks in "equality" due to several logical fallacies inherent with assumptions based on mere belief, rather than the facts of the situation.

      That men and women are equally important to the survival of the human race, that men and women are vital to child rearing, that each has the same basic rights should be apparent facts. That each is equally suited for every situation should be seen as ridiculous--which your subtle satire illustrates to great effect. As I said, brilliant!

      Instead of trying to homogenize the sexes, we should determine which stereotypes have value, which don't, and dump the chaff.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Women (and men) could equally curse like sailors and nobody would think nothing of it.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      From that perspective I never saw equality.

      You amaze me with your innovative articles everytime!

    • Carilaya profile image


      8 years ago from North Carolina

      Hmm, as much as I want gender I want to give up my women's section in the department store? I appreciate the way you've looked at the issue from a different angle. You've brought up quite a few points here that I'll need to think about. Thanks for sharing!


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