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Wedding Registry List Dos And Dont's

Updated on October 17, 2014

What Is A Wedding Registry?

Wedding Registry is a planning tool that helps you track and manage your wedding gifts list. It is an efficient way to let your guests know which items you want for your wedding as you begin your life together as a married couple. Setting up a registry should be the first thing you do right after your engagement, preferably weeks before you send out the wedding invitations.

Why Do I Need A Wedding Registry?

When you have a registry (as aforementioned), it helps to track your list of essential wedding presents. You can track who bought what, and what’s left on the list. It helps to reduce the chance of receiving duplicate presents from your guest and having to return them or give them away.

It is worth mentioning that in some cultures, giving your wedding guests a list of what you want for your wedding in considered taboo. It’s like ‘twisting the hand’, or forcing your guest to give. Gift giving is usually left at the discretion of the guest who would prefer to give what they can afford. In our society, and in Europe, Wedding Registry is widely used as your wedding guests find it to be such a helpful guidance in deciding what to give the bride and groom.

What Should I Include In My Wedding Registry List?

Many of your friends and family will want to know what you want as a wedding gift. So to help you put your Wedding Registry List together, let's answer the following questions:

  1. What kitchen items/appliances do I need, but don't have already?
  2. What dinning room Items do I need?
  3. What bathroom items do I need?
  4. What immediate items; furnitures, home decor do I need?

The items you will include on your list should be items you need. Try not to include items that have a very high price tag.


The table below highlights a few of the items you may include in your Wedding Registry List:

Wedding Registry Categories & Gift Items To Consider

Suggested Gift Items
Cookware, Server-ware, Glass-wares and Silver-wares. Plus, Kitchen Towels, Dish-racks, and knife sets
Linens, Place-mats, Table linens, Napkins, Table Runners, Table Mats, Table Covers.
His & Her Robes, Towels, Shower Curtain Sets, Bath Mats
Comforter sets, Bed Sheets, Mr. & Mrs. Pillows/Pillowcases
Small Appliances
Toaster Oven, Microwave, Bread Maker, Panini Maker/Grill, Coffee Maker, Food Blender, Electric Kettle, Pressing Iron or Fabric Steamer etc.

Pregnant Bride? Other Items To Include In Your Registry

If you are a pregnant bride, there is no reason why you should not include baby or nursery items you think you'll need right after the wedding. You can even include baby items if you plan on getting right into having a family, especially if you plan to move away from family and friends’ right after the wedding. This will eliminate the need for a baby shower in your new residence where you probably won’t have friends and family around to help. Example of baby items to include:

  • Basinet/Crib
  • Stroller
  • Car Seat
  • Baby Bouncer
  • Baby Feeding Unit
  • Baby Blankets
  • Baby Outfits
  • Baby Towels
  • Other Nursery Furnitures

What Not To Include In A Wedding Registry List

As much as you would like to begin your new life with all the necessary needed items in place for your home, there are some wedding gifts you don't want to burden your wedding guests with, even if you deem them necessary for your wedding.

Your wedding registry list should not include the following:

  • Your favorite cologne or perfume
  • That Victoria's Secret's Lingerie you've been dying to get.
  • Underwear, (Boxer shorts for your hobby).
  • Items that will require you to reveal your size or color preference.

These are things you will just have to get on your own.


Wedding Registry List of Gifts.

If you used a wedding registry for your wedding. Did you include high price tag items (over $500...)?

See results

Controversial Wedding Registry Gift Items

Should high price-tag items be included in a Wedding Registry List?

When making up the list for your wedding registry, depending on your guests and your social status, It is okay to include items with high price tag. If you know that your parents and/or other family members can afford it, there is no reason not to include, say,

  • a new car,
  • a new house,
  • a set of washer and dryer,
  • a yacht

Though not popular, high price tag items have been given as gifts to married couples before. So, don't miss the opportunity to ask for something you really want. Like I said, you have to know your family and their ability to give.

Where Can I Set Up A Wedding Registry?

Most department stores are now equipped with a wedding registry system with lots of gift options to choose from. Stores such as; Macy's® Bridal Registry, Belk, Sears, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl's and countless online stores have dedicated staffs that specializes in weddings and can help you set up your online registry.

When you do decide on using a wedding registry, consider your guests, your circle of friends in determining which store(s) to choose. You may want to choose stores that are medium to high-end; this gives your guests a lot of options to choose from. You don’t want to choose stores where the lowest item on your registry cost over $200.

Getting The Word Out About Your Registry

Wedding registry etiquette dictates that it is not appropriate to include your registry list with your wedding invitation, but then again, you know your circle of friends and family, do what you think is best.

In my own experience, people don’t want to be bothered with calling back and forth just to find out where the gift registry is, and there are times that friends have wondered why it was not included in the invitation to begin with.

If you've set up a website for your wedding, include links to your registry. You can then point the way to that site through emails sent to your guests. You can also designate your close friends and family members to do the telling.

Planning a wedding can be very stressful. You'll need all the help you can get from friends and family. Using a wedding registry can go a long way to help reduce the stress of planning your desired gift list.


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Author: Comfort Babatola - © Updated (2013)


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