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What Is Love? - Part 2

Updated on October 15, 2010

After having posted my personal observations about “love” (the concept is still somewhat hazy to me despite my ability to analyze it objectively) last week, I suppose its only natural that I follow it up with an application of how corrupt our understanding of the idea of “love” has become in our modern world.

Some genius had the serendipitous foresight to put together (courtesy of this take on modern love, with a particular focus on black men and black women. As someone who had had personal issues trying to find this thing we call “love,” I not only find it knee-slappingly hilarious, but am overwhelmed by the truth (at least in perception) that it represents in the realm of black male/female love.



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    • profile image

      Tha Truth 7 years ago

      A woman without an education is a danger to society more than herself.

    • profile image

      SuperBrotha 7 years ago

      LMBAO. Sistas got read on this one!!! You go boy!!!

    • profile image

      Joe Blow 2010 7 years ago

      I dont think that there is anything wrong with black women having “reasonable standards” the problem is when black women over look ceartin qualities in a man for what they think should be on thier list. There was this black women at my job the other day and she was about 45 years old complaining on how she cant find the right men so I asked her what kind of men is she looking for and this is what she told me “I want a men that is at least 6?0 tall, athletic, good in bed, has his own crib, a good job, a nice car, that has a little bit of thug in him, and that is between the ages of 35 and 46 because she does not want to date a old man because they are bad in bed!! I just looked at her and shook my head because this women was already 45, she was a little bit on the heavy side, she was not really that cute in the face, and she had just a regular job!! I asked her “dosent that list seem a little bit unreasonalble for a women your age?” She replied “Well those are my standards and untill I find that Im going to be single”. So I told herL” your gonna be 55 with that same list babe”! The point is that she was already up there in age and still did not get it, and when I told her that that is the reason that black women have the highest rate of being single, she did not want to hear me! Im like damn I was just commenting on this the other day!!! Black women get your mind right because super man is not coming to the rescue, the other races get it whey not black women?? Im starting to loose faith in sisters, sad but its true……..