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What Is The Source Of Your Happiness?

Updated on April 28, 2016

The source of true happiness is God. However, as sinful human beings we seek happiness in temporal, worldly, and self-fulfilling desires. It has been suggested that happiness is a psychological disorder. If true, then happiness as a human endeavor is impossible.What is the source of your problems? What is the source for your solutions? Invest in yourself by learning the one place that both come from. Knowing this will help you create more success and excellence as you travel on your journey of creating happiness in your life.A good happiness definition is when we feel good about ourselves and our lives in the moment. We all like to think that happiness is when things are going our way or when we get what we want in life.We live in the most prosperous society, in the most prosperous age in the history of human-kind. Why then is there so much unhappiness in our society? This article explores that and proposes some solutions.I know the title of this write up sounds strange and even extremely weird to some people, but don't blame me. It is a thought that metamorphosis into a question which eventually gave birth to this strangely titled write up. I've had situations where shedding tears was the" only way out", the only way I could express my feeling at such time.Anger affects all us in a negative way when we allow it too. Feelings of anger can be controlled and utilized for a positive result. It all comes down to how we are choosing to express our anger and what we are choosing to be angry at.So you find yourself snapping at your friends, your family or your associates for things you'd normally be calm about. What's happening here? What's going on?Health and Happiness are closely related. Your health is one of the things which give you happiness in your life. How can you safeguard your health to achieve optimum happiness?Where Does True Happiness Really Come From? What is true happiness exactly and where does it come from? Can it really be achieved? You're about to find you an insight into what it means to lose a favorite pet in a divorce case, and advises you on how to handle JOY HAS AN ANTECEDENT. What is its source? Gratitude, or thankfulness, is what underpins joy. It's the only thing that protects us from a self-serving attitude, which is the parent to complaining behaviour. Nobody who routinely complains can be genuinely happy with their lot in life. Ungrateful behaviour is a blight for us all to deal with - those of us living in our relative First World luxury.One of the keys to happiness and a deep-rooted sense of self-confidence comes from knowing that you are a valuable person. So when you need to feel more confident, you can remember that just being yourself is always good enough. This article shows how your inner self-confidence is reflected and transmitted to others no matter what you say.We all suffer from a lack of motivation from time to time. Whether it is a project that needs to be done for work, a chore to do at home, or a personal goal that needs to be accomplished, it takes a boost of motivation to get your started on the path to completion.If you're going anywhere in or out of the U.S. for your vacation or business, be sure to double check with the hotel that you're going to be staying. The MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) sometimes spelled MERSA, super bug has been showing up in hotels all over the world making people sick.So much of what you learn about in your MLM business, and related articles and blogs about businesses is that to have maximum success, you have to have a great downline. And those articles and blogs go on and tell you, quite correctly, how to have the best possible downline. However, there are only a handful of people who know the other half of the success coin.Has there ever been a song that you have felt a strong connection to? Do you have a soundtrack to your life? I can tell you that I definitely do! Make the soundtrack to your life and learn about who you truly are.Unless the misery genes are in your blood or you are born to martyrdom, I am sure you want to be happy, too. In fact, everybody wants to be happy. Never mind if it has eluded a lot of people. The chase goes on to find that formula, that elixir, that combination of circumstances that can put an extra "zing" into people's lives; make their hearts sing with joy.Happiness or perusing happiness seems to be even more difficult at this staying age. Emotionally unprepared, lack of emotions and deeper understanding, leads many to what they think they should do or attain to be happy. But there is a way to avoid this and attain what you truly deserve.Have you ever wondered the difference between natural baby products and organic baby products? What does it mean and is one better than the other? Many companies try to brand their various baby products as "natural" to give their customers some assurances that their product is safe and appropriate for their baby.With dozens of male enhancement pills in the market it is really difficult to decide which one you should choose. Well it is just like choosing the right dress or the right car. There are plenty many styles and varieties of clothes available in the market but you can't try having all of them.The true measure of your life is not how long you live, but how much joy and happiness you experience in your life. How many joyful moments can you cram in?The biggest nutritional difference between dry food and canned food is water. Some canned foods are up to 70% water, Semi-moist foods have about 33% water, and dry food is usually only about 10%. There are some other pros and cons as well. If you've read any major newspaper this week you'll know that the Spiderman play on Broadway this week has just been panned by the critics. What you may not have worked out yet is that this probably doesn't matter. The show hasn't officially launched yet but has allowed audiences to attend the "extended pre-release rehearsal" sessions at full price. It's played to a packed theatre everyday so far, in fact the director has suggested that he'd be happy to keep going like that even if the production never comes up to scratch. So what can you learn from this?We've been taught that happiness has to do with money, possessions, status, power, etc. But how many people seem to "have it all" and are not happy. Perhaps the source of happiness is inside not outside.


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