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What Makes A Man A Real Man?

Updated on June 30, 2017

Characteristics Of A Real Man

A man is seen or judge thru his actions, physical characteristics, anatomy, and the kind of life he lives.

Physical Characteristics:

  • Build Characteristics- plump, stocky, overweight, slim, trim, fat, skinny, and well built
  • Height Characteristics- tall, petite, short, average height
  • Complexion Characteristics- dark, light, pale, fair, olive, tan, pimply, freckles, spots, and pimples
  • Hair Characteristics- blond, red, brown, black, long, short, bald, curly, frizzy, straight,and receding

Anatomy of A man:

  • big boxes
  • hairy skin
  • muscular
  • reproductive organ
  • flat chest

Characteristics of Real Man

A true man has good attitude.


  • Confident
  • Courageus
  • A listener
  • Has initiative
  • Detail oriented
  • Gives Respect to himself
  • Gives respect to all
  • Committed and faithful
  • Honest
  • Fights against injustice
  • Humble
  • Possess good humor
  • Adaptable
  • Has good manner
  • Believes in his Creator

Man VS Women

Chest vs Breast

Woman have breasts while man have flat chest but still with nipples on top

Bid Apple vs Small

Men and women both have cartilage surrounding their voice boxes, but because men have bigger boxes (which give them deeper voices), their chunks of cartilage protrude more. This gives them neck lumps called Adam's apples.

Square vs Heart-Shaped faces

Sex hormones control the divergence of male and female physical features.

Hairy vs Not

Man have more androgen, a type of sex hormones which stimulates hair growth.

Muscular vs Curvy

Men are, in general, more muscular than women. Women are just over half as strong as men in their upper bodies, and about two-thirds as strong in their lower bodies.


He is a man if he looks like a man, think as a man, act as a man, and longs for a girl to be love and be loved.

Most people say that man never cry? Is it true? A true man cries and admits his mistakes. A man who doesn't show his real emotions is not a man. He fakes his emotions and put pride above everything. A true man shares his emotions to someone who can alleviate his feeling of sadness, pain, fear and the like.

Most man drink alcoholic beverages to help them ease their emotions. The question is, "Does drinking Alcoholic Beverages really Alleviate their Feeling?" I guess not. They had to wake up the next morning with headache, body pain, and hang over. They hay to suffer for a day or two just to surpass "hang over"

A true man always speaks what is true and just. A true man always care for his girl and never hurt his girl. A true man is never selfish, he always thinks the best for his family.

Having six packed abs or big biceps and triceps would not make a man "real" unless he used his physical aspect in a good way and not just for display. Meaning, he uses his big muscled body to help other individual.

Masculine VS Feminine


-Not Aggressive


-Easily influenced



-Home Oriented

-Easily hurt emotionally




-Sensitive to others Feelings

-Very desirous of Security

-Cries a lot







- Aggressive


-Not easily influenced




-Not easily hurt emotionally


-Not at all talkative


-Less sensitive to others feelings

-Not very desirous of security

-Rarely cries





-Not Nurturing


  1. A real man is focused.
  2. A real man never gossip.
  3. A real man keeps his promise.
  4. A real man do his best to be a model.
  5. A real man strives hard for his future without asking for charity nor satisfying himself with his family's money.
  6. A real man always takes care of his look thru proper hygiene.
  7. A real man keeps everything in order especially his things at home. He is the master of his own life.


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