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What Men Really Want in Relationships

Updated on March 13, 2012

Women believe that they already have men figured out. Yet, at least men are honest in knowing they have no idea about men. It is common that woman will think they know what men actually want out of a relationship. Yet, their misconceptions can be the downfall of that relationship. Let’s take a truly close look at some of these misconceptions woman have about men. The figure out what woman can do to help provide this in the relationship to help make their men a little happier.

Freedom and Commitment:

When men are in a relationship they want to be able to experience freedom. Even when they are committed to a woman, they have to have a sense of freedom. This is also the number one complaint with a woman is why men seem emotionally distant.

The reason they feel distant is that sometimes he just needs his space. Give him some space and they will men will figure out what they need to figure out and come and talk to you about it. When woman start to talk to men when they start to become distant they get they become even more distant because the last thing they need is someone trying to talk to them at that instant.

Give your men some space and he will come back emotionally again. But, do not worry he will not leave you this is just something men do to figure out the stresses in their own lives. When he comes back then it more than likely he is ready to talk.


Men’s egos are sensitive and when a woman respects her man, that he is going to feel good about himself and the relationship. Men do not like to have their egos hurt and will do more to protect it when they feel disrespected.

Woman will resort to this tactic to make their love feel hurt or disappointed. They figure if they can hurt a man by disrespecting them that they will be able to get their point across better. Unfortunately, this is not how it works. The men will just start to have negative emotions about the relationship which can drive you both further apart.

Clear and Direct Communication:

Sometimes men get frustrated with games. Woman tends to try and tell them in secret code what it is that they truly want. If, this is the case then the men will most likely not read it correctly and do something completely different from what was originally intended. So, women need to be clear and concise in what they want. Tell you men what it is that you want without having to resort to games or secret messages.

These 3 things sound pretty simple but you would be surprised by the entire woman you truly think completely differently then what they are expecting. This leads to arguments and hurt feelings on both sides. So, maybe this little insight to men will help in your future relationships.


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  • bac2basics profile image

    Anne 5 years ago from Spain

    Really good advice. Men do tend to go into themselve´s when pondering on something..where as woman most often just discuss things with friends. Asking a man what the problem is when he is in this stage is pointless, and all it causes is friction. Like you say, maybe ask once, then give him space.

  • Eliminate Cancer profile image

    Eliminate Cancer 5 years ago from Massachusetts

    Thanks for the insights!! I don't claim to understand men, I just love them : )