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How To Make Your Man Love You

Updated on April 5, 2015

Have a Man Court You

If you are a single woman in the dating world you may think that marriage is becoming a thing of the past. I have actually seen a number of beautiful women jump from man to man with nothing to show for it but a broken heart. The relationship starts out exciting and promising, and after a few months the guy is not calling as often, seems preoccupied, and generally disinterested. If this sounds like you, its time to examine both the type of man you are attracted to and what your behavior and lifestyle say about you.

Men are not interested in having a woman with nothing on the ball cling to him for support, and if you don't appear to be a serious woman with her own interests and goals, then he will not be interested in having you as a permanent fixture in his life. However, if you are hooking up with men who spend their weekends drinking beer and watching television, then you are spending time with men who are going nowhere, but even a guy with no goals and discipline will generally shy away from a woman who is his counterpart.

To make men want you, it is important to have an air of sophistication, and appear to be going somewhere in life. If you have no business prospects, it would be wise to start going to business seminars and begin taking a direction as to how you can start doing better than you are today.

Just imagine what you would be interested in if you were a man. If you were dating a woman who began calling you just to chat when you have only known her for about one week? Would you be drawn to permanently attach yourself to a woman who never seems to be busy doing her own thing, but is always waiting for you? The mystery of a woman is quickly erased in a man's eyes to a great extent after the first sexual encounter with you. With that in mind, a smart woman will NEVER allow a man to become too intimate with her until she has been dating him for at least three months straight.

Women who pursue their own interests and hobbies tend to have a lot more admirers than women who simply have a job that they go to in order to pay their bills and then hang out with their friends on the weekend drinking and dirty dancing. The more serious you appear to be, the more seriously you will be taken, and the more serious minded men will be drawn to you.

True love that is really worthwhile takes time to develop. If a man starts telling you how much he loves you after two or three months, he is someone to watch out for. There are of course exceptions to the rule, but generally, people do not fall in love until they have spend quite a lot of time bonding with their partner on many levels, and that most people do not have the time to truly get to know someone within only two or three months. This means that you should be prepared for a long courtship, and if he starts pulling away, the best thing to do is give him space. Most women become clingy and smothering when they think that their guy is losing interest, but this is the time to step back and realize that if he truly is pulling away, it is best that he move on now rather than string you along and torture you for years. But, he may also just be going through what many men and some women go through after they realize that they are becoming attached to someone. He may be becoming scared and dwelling on weather or not continuing a relationship with you is the right thing to do. Stepping back and intensifying your other pursuits in life is the best thing to do if you want him to decide that you are worth sticking with.

Always dress well and take care to exercise. Weather you are a Marilyn Monroe or not. Take pride in your appearance. This will make you seem more attractive than you really are and women who are truly beautiful and dress in sweats with their hair tied up in a knot will seem to be less attractive by comparison.

Women to groom themselves do better in business and in their personal lives. It also makes a man try to dress better in your company and strive to be worth your time.

In short if everything about you is too easy and laid back you will not command respect. Having your live, your goals and your appearance in order will lead men to believe that you are on a higher level than they are, and they must do what is necessary to live up to your standards.


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