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What To Do And Not To Do On First Date

Updated on October 3, 2015
Advice for a first date
Advice for a first date

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Tips for a First Date

First date ideas and what to do and what not to do is an important topic that has a great significance and influence on the outcome of any dating activity. It is therefore crucial and important that you know the things that you are supposed do during your first date in order to make it a special and worth remembering one.

In this article you will get to learn more about your first date, what to do and what not to do in order to make it a successful one that results in delivering the intended results. Below is what you can do collectively to have a successful date

  • Observe time, time is an important element not only in dating but also all the other things we do. Time wasted cannot be recovered and you should therefore use it properly. During your first date you need to observe time and be conscious about it. You shouldn’t be late for the exact time you promised to meet one another. Don’t give excuses like being struck in traffic jam or other ones which are hard to believe. Observe time, be punctual and other things will be ok.
  • No other distractions, the first date is probably the first time you are having a meaningful intimate conversation and you are getting to know one another and what therefore this means is that you have to do away with distractions or things that make it hard for to concentrate on one another. A common mistake done by people on the first date is watching a movie together which is not only wrong but also a big mistake. Ask yourself, when would you get to know one another when you spend the entire time watching a movie and remaining silent? So to have a successful date do away with things like movies or other things which not give you time to learn more about one another. Keep the movie for another time and concentrate fully o yourselves during the first date.
  • Be yourself, during your first date it is important that your be and remain yourself. Don’t assume the identity and behavior of someone else because the truth of the matter is that you can’t be someone else and you pretend you cheating yourself and not anyone else. Assuming the identity of another person may be an attempt to make yourself appealing to your object of desire but that shouldn’t be the case. Be yourself and let your date partner like you or not for what you are.
  • Listen properly; during your first date it is important that you be a better listener. You want to know as much about the person as possible and for that to be achieved you need to listen properly to what is being said. Don’t interrupt when the other person is saying something but rather wait for him/her to finish talking and after that is when you can say whatever you want.
  • Keep it simple but fun; don’t go overboard and try to do something that doesn’t work but rather keep it simple and fun. The date shouldn’t necessarily be too expensive to be afforded nor should it be too cheap to make you boring and dissatisfied.

Things for a man to do on a first date
Things for a man to do on a first date

Dating Advice for Men

  • Come with a gift: women love gifts and especially from a person they like. During your first date it is recommended that you give her a nice and fulfilling touch by offering her a gift like a flower. This isn’t a requirement but is recommended to make your date more appealing and successful. When you bring her gifts she will assume that you care for her very much and she is more likely to give you a good approval rating. He gift shouldn’t necessarily be too expensive but rather something that makes her happy and appreciate what you are doing for her.
  • Maintain eye contact with her: it is important that you maintain eye contact with her in order for her to understand and get your message. The eye contact shouldn’t also be too hard on her as that may make her naïve and as if she is being intimidated. Don’t always look at her other body parts and especially the chest area, breasts and her legs as that make her assume that you are up to something else
  • Avoid taking alcohol before or during the date: a person under the influence of alcohol can do many weird things which may not go well with most people and to be on the safe side be sober and avoiding taking alcohol before or during the date. You may never get a second chance to impress if you squander on the chance you have and that is why it is important that you remain without being drunk to have a successful date.
  • Don’t talk about your ex: it’s important that you avoid talking or saying something about your ex when you are on a first date with another woman. After all she might assume that you still have some relationship with her and that may convince her not to pursue a relationship with you. Keep your ex’s stories to yourself and avoid discussing it with the woman you are currently dating.
  • Insist on paying the bills: even if she volunteers insist on paying any bills you might have occurred. This shows taking responsibility and making yourself in command. Women like men who are caring and who can do something for them and that are why you should insist on paying the bills.

What a woman should do on a first date
What a woman should do on a first date

If You Are the Woman Do the Following

  • Dress properly but don’t dress to kill; dressing properly is crucial in your attempt to get the attention of a man. Avoid clothes that may embarrass you and that can taint your image. No one likes to be associated with improperly dressed women and that includes the man you are dating. During the date don’t appear with a miniskirt or see you through clothes and risk the wrath of your dating partner.
  • Wearing Long heeled shoes is a big mistake, remember those long heeled shoes? Are they suitable for you during your first date? Your aim is obviously to date someone but your chances of succeeding is very low when you show up in the date place as if you are about to fall. What is more these shoes might embarrass you if the unthinkable of falling into the ground happens.
  • Don’t wear too much make up, wearing too much make up is not recommended during your first date as it may portray something bad about you. So as much as you can avoid excessive make up like too much lipstick.
  • You shouldn’t go overboard with scent. Too much is bad as the smell may not be pleasing to everyone including your date partner. If you have to use a scent use it in an appropriate way and it should be a light one.

What about you?

What advice do you have? Please include it in the comments below.


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