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What We Should Expect From Relationship Talk

Updated on October 12, 2010

Do you talk in your relationship; I mean really talk? Hi, how are you doing, is not communicating. Do you have empty talk, skating around the deep and serious issues? Do you not talk about future endeavors or expectations? Do you talk about where you want your relationship to go or not to go? You cannot have shallow talk and develop a successful and meaningful relationship. Do you call your intended only to ask how your day was, and then the conversation begins to die? If this is the case then this is not the person for you.

When you are beginning a relationship you should have graduated to the point of meaningful conversation. This might include hitting important topics, such as your wants and needs including your expectations of this relationship. It would be wise at some point to find out if you two are compatible. This is done by talking about the deeper things.

Why skate around what is really important to you; you have to find out if the two of you are on the same path in life? Please don’t spend your life with someone that is unevenly yoked. You have to touch all major topics. Goals, religion, family, work along with preferences and finding out each others likes and dislikes.

Be honest and up front with each other now because later is too late. Don’t set expectations too high for your partner to reach; know that no one is going to be a perfect match. Everyone has some sort of flaws, so no one is going to do everything as you expect. However, communication is always vital. If that is not part of the equation in the beginning, it won’t be there in the duration of your relationship either.

Be honest with each other. Do not talk about what you think may be an issue with everyone except the one you plan to be with. Have meaningful talk not with others but with your intended. Your friends and family cannot set the expectation for your relationship; this can only be communicated by the two of you. Meaningful long talks should be easy if you intend to spend your valuable time with this person. Never waste your energies on meaningless talk. Talk about the deeper things in order to find out if this is your forever person. We are responsible for our happiness; we all want someone to talk with, walk with and spend those precious moments with. Open space on the phone or in person is not the beginnings of a long meaningful relationship. So talk about it and make it worth it.



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    • profile image

      Jen 7 years ago

      If u avoid talking about the deeper things that is definitely a signal u shd not ignore!!

    • wandererh profile image

      David Lim 7 years ago from Singapore

      Too often when 2 people are in love, one of them will say, "Let's get married.", and they do. One year, after finding out that they are totally incompatible, with totally different interests, they divorce. A lot of heartache could have been avoided if they had just sat down and talked.

      Good hub! :)