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What Women Really Want

Updated on September 26, 2016

Not all women are created equal. We all have our ups and downs but generally speaking this is what we the women are looking for.

A little crazy.

I am a woman. I fully admit I'm confusing as hell. One day one thing my husband does may throw me into crazy mode, while the next I would be totally fine. That is life. That is hormones. That is women.

You may be a woman reading this thinking you're not like that. You are completely level headed. Well, I'm calling you out. We all have a bit of crazy in us and we are all confusing to the opposite sex.

Below is what women want. We are obviously not all the same, but there are some basic things that we desire.

We want to be heard.

Like, really heard. Listen to what we have to say. Don't roll your eyes. Don't let it go in one ear and out the other. Whether we have been together for years and we want to tell you what our boss did to us today or we have just started dating and we are telling you about our family. If we tell you about something we adore or desire--listen, make a list if you have to. Don't ever take the things we say for granted, because we can just as easily turn it around and give you the silent treatment.

We want a strong man.

This doesn't have to mean physically strong. Sure, that's a plus, sometimes. Like me for example, big huge muscles is actually a bit of a turn off for me. But, I do desire an emotionally and mentally strong man. Women love men to be sure of themselves. If you believe something, show us! Volunteer for your favorite charity. If you are physically strong, run a marathon or enter a competition your passionate about. Today's society has made it much easier for men to be wimpy pushovers because of equality. How about we are all equally strong? Strong men, whether physically, emotionally, or mentally are SEXY!

We want sex.

Yep, that's right. We want it, sometimes even more than you do. But, we don't want to be expected to do it whenever you please. If we just started dating, don't pressure us, let us take our time. Even though it's 2016, we still like to be courted a bit and not feel sleazy. If you are married to us, or in a relationship, we still want the romance and forplay. Don't assume rubbing our leg for a little bit means we are ready to go. We need to feel loved on all levels to make it really enjoyable.

We want to laugh.

Sometimes the greatest feeling is feeling 15 again. We want to laugh without feeling stupid. We want you to make us blush. We want to laugh so hard that we cry. We want you to flirt with us. Take us to a park and push us on the merry-go-round until we burst.

We want honesty.

If you overspent on your last paycheck and finances are bad, we want the truth. If you slipped up when you were out with your buddies and gave a girl your number, we want to know. If your ex just friended you on Facebook we want to know. If you just started dating, and you're not sure you are ready for a serious relationship, we want to know. There is no reason to hold things back from us. We are not nearly as fragile as you think we are. Like I said, we are a little crazy, but that crazy might surprise you if you are honest with us. Most always we hate the secretness of the situation more than the situation itself. Be honest with us.

Obviously, this is not everything that all women want. The list can be way more in depth depending on the woman.

But, in a nutshell, there it is. Of course, it could change tomorrow. I am a woman after all.


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    • CrisSp profile image

      CrisSp 4 years ago from Sky Is The Limit Adventure

      Thank you, you nailed it there. I hope they (men) get the message. It's really not that complicated anyway. *smile*

      Good read! I'm sharing it.

    • tomy101 profile image

      Christopher Hyer 4 years ago from Midland, Texas

      Great work! I listened to your thoughts and they are well recieved. I have been studying women and their logical and emotional needs, and have learned what you say is correct. Of course it is because your a female that needs needed. Men tend to over work a situation with women and do not touch them in a fashion that is sensual and logical to women. That is why there are so many breakups and divorce in our culture, is men do not listen. Listen with our eyes and ears, and feel what the female is feeling is best done with the one you love or even a friend that is female. Most guys don't get it, a few of us study to understand this. Great Hub..