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What You Forgot to Put on Your Wedding Registry

Updated on April 3, 2012

Hindsight is 20/20

After a little more than a year of marriage, I've spent quite a few hours in the new home I've been building with my husband. And as I was planning our wedding, one of my favorite parts was figuring out what we wanted to put on our wedding registry. There were so many choices, I didn't know where to start. I even googled for help on things I might be forgetting. Even still, over a year later, I still find myself wishing I'd put certain things on my list, left a few others off the list, and still others I'm extremely pleased I remembered to include.

So this page is for all you brides out there planning a wedding. Here's to a happy household!


1. QUALITY COOKWARE If you love using it, you'll use it more. And you'll end up saving money by not going out to a restaurant as often. Go for some hard-anodized pots and pans that will last you forever. Add this to your bridal registry for sure-- you can hand them down to your children when they go off to college!

2. BAKING PANS That is one thing I needed more of and luckily ran into some hand-me-downs later on, but a good baking pan sure comes in handy when you're baking your own sweet potato fries!

3. RICE COOKER Don't skimp here! Don't wait by the stove hoping your rice won't burn, don't do it ANY MORE! For just in the neighborhood of $40 or so, you can get a programmable rice cooker that allows you to have hot rice when YOU want it. The one I put on my wedding registry, though it works, does NOT have a timing feature so I am at its mercy and if I won't have 90 minutes when I get home in the evenings to cook up my rice, I'm out of luck. It is so nice to be able to set the timer and have the rice ready when you need it.

Check out the links below for a great option for your home.

Check out these links for highly-rated rice cookers. I love Amazon!

4. BIG COOKBOOK Get yourself a bible for the kitchen. I'm serious! Something to consult on the easiest things right there in your kitchen is so handy, and they're often packed with tons of amazing recipes with step-by-step instructions on how to create culinary masterpieces--all at your fingertips. No need to get your MacBook all dirty anymore! And remember-- a dirty cookbook is a well-used one. No shame in that, right?!

5. TABLECLOTHS Seems like an afterthought, right? They get dirty so quick, especially if you only have one table. We live in a two-bedroom and we've got one 6-seater table. Tablecloths at a place like Bed Bath and Beyond cost about $20-$25 and I wish I had had those on my list before I had to shell out cash. Get about three so you can always have one on the table, in the laundry, and one folded up and ready to go in the linen closet.

This tablecloth is basic, sleek, and comes in six colors! Buy three!

6. FITNESS EQUIPMENT Want to avoid the infamous newlywed weight gain? Get creative with your wedding registry and add some really useful items on there-- a healthier you means a healthier family and a great influence on your friends and colleagues, too.

7. Electric Skillet. It was cool to not have to use the stove, but unless you've got a lot of counter space, these guys tend to take up quite a bit of space when the stove is left untouched. An upside, though, is that you can use them to keep food warm during a dinner party. If you do have a tiny apartment, though, and your stove doesn't work or hey, you may be in a college dorm, these are great. Also, if you like to cook, having some of your friends over for a cooking demonstration is a lot easier with an electric skillet.

See for yourself. Electric Skillets on Amazon

8. IMMERSION BLENDER -- This is different from a handheld mixer. This thing actually shreds stuff. I am really into making soups. They are easy, filling, and help keep off those pesky newlywed pounds. I got a great deal on one on Amazon. Check out the warehouse deals. Usually they come with free shipping and are available in tons of beautiful colors.

9. KNIVES!!!!!!!!! and a cutting board. Don't endanger your digits by neglecting to find a great set of knives to grace your countertops. Spend, or rather entice friends and relatives to spend, a good chunk of cash on a highly-rated set of kitchen knives. You won't regret it! Neither will your fingers --- bad knives are much more likely to sever a finger than are nicely sharpened knives. Go for the gold, er, stainless steel!

10. HOME IMPROVEMENT and TOOLS! This is a big one, and these things can be a huge expense, so if you and your hubby to be are going to be homeowners, really think about adding these kinds of items onto your wedding registry. You'll be doing minor home repairs, gardening, and who knows what in your new home, so your friends and family can also have the opportunity to support you both inside AND outside your home.


What's one thing you wish you didn't put on your registry?

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    • ripplemaker profile image

      Michelle Simtoco 

      7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      I'm not married so I can't share my experience hehe but I have attended weddings that gave a wedding registry. It was good coz I discovered it was easier to buy a gift for a couple knowing it was something that they would find useful or they love.

      Congratulations on your Hubnuggets nomination. Check this out and see for yourself


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