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What a Woman Wants in a Man

Updated on October 5, 2017

True Love and Commitment

Nine out of ten times whenever I had any conversion with a female on the subject of relationship, they always say that the most important factor in a relation that they are looking for is true love and commitment.

Based on these facts it is important for both partner to be cognizant of this very vital ingredient which is the glue that will bind every relationship geared for success.

Individual Responsibility

It should be taken into account and carefully considered by both male and female that they are fully responsible for incorporating this ingredient into their relation for it to grow and mature.

A Level of Awareness

Another aspect of attaining a good relationship is that both parties must be aware of this ingredient in order to activate, and implement it, in other word, working together for a common purpose to achieve a mutual goal.

When this is implemented, it will certainly have an impact on the relationship in a positive and favorable manner making it possible for the relationship to excel to unknown heights.

A Pragmatic Approach

Partners in a relation must also display a pragmatic approach, which means that they are always optimistic of the fact that they, at all times must constantly integrate "Love and Commitment into their relationship.

Dynamic and Driving Force

This is the dynamic and driving force to propel their relationship to prevent stagnation. A woman looks for these attributes in a man in order to make an informed and educated decision. However, it is highly impossible for the man to constantly supply these ingredients, without it being reciprocated. As a result a balance must be struck.

Although this topic is basically focusing on what a woman wants in a man, it drives me to understand that both parties are human, have emotions, have feelings, have passion, and the rest that contribute to a solid relation, it would be futile not to take into account that a successful relation consists of two parties contribution.


Insecurity is always lurking in a woman's mind. The question here is, will he be one hundred percent faithful to me? This is also true from the man's perspective. Therefore both people must strike a balance and meet each other 100% of the way by saying I will be true to you as long as our relation last.

The essence here is to put things into perspective. Simply means, that a woman desire is to build a relationship with someone who can provide that quality, and ingredients. Conversely, men also seek to find a woman who can also provide these ingredients.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance that two people must come to a mutual decision in order to start and build a relationship, because two people will not be able to co-exist without mutual concession, in other words, amicably agree that they need each other.


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    • success79 profile image

      success79 3 years ago

      Thank you all for your contribution!

    • li smith ion-eco profile image

      li smith ion-eco 5 years ago from Hermanus, South Africa

      True, thank you... Also interesting conversation and enthusiasm for life and living. Flowers are always appreciated-but yes, love and commitment are the essentials.

    • success79 profile image

      success79 6 years ago

      Thanks nikitha p for your kind remarks.

    • success79 profile image

      success79 6 years ago

      Thank you Kirutaye for your comment.

    • kirutaye profile image

      kirutaye 7 years ago from London, UK


    • nikitha p profile image

      nikitha p 7 years ago from India

      very informative

    • success79 profile image

      success79 8 years ago


      The good book says, if you search you will find. Findings are reserved for the searchers.

    • success79 profile image

      success79 8 years ago

      I would like to correct both a spelling and grammatical error I made accidentally in response to Lady_E comment.

      The error is, "these to" The correct wording should read "These two"

      Just typing so fast sometimes allow a margin for error. LOL!!


    • success79 profile image

      success79 8 years ago


      Thanks for your comment! I too believe these to ingredients are the most essentials in any relationship. Without them it is futile.

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 8 years ago from London, UK

      That's all I'm asking for: True love and Commitment and maybe some chocolates, flowers and bling bling in between.....