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What a woman needs from her husband

Updated on July 13, 2016

There are important things that every wife "woman" needs from her husband as there are things that every husband needs from his wife. This hub is focus on what a wife needs from her husband according the natural psychological and physical nature. Ofcourse every woman in the world is unique. However, they are all women and they have common needs. Once these needs are fulfilled by her husband then she would be satisfied and would be pleased with the relationship which unites them as a couple. A marriage relationship is based on commitment, duties and feelings. If the couples are passionate and merciful towards each other then they would easily make each other content in the relationship.

Commitment: one of the main foundations of marriage is commitment. Every wife needs her husband to make her feel that he is committed to her and to the marriage relationship that joins you together. She must feels that the husband is satisfied with her and she means the world to him. That would make her feels secured in the relationship.

Compassion: a good husband must be merciful and patient with his wife if she does small mistakes. A husband should be forgivable and forgetful husband. Ignore the small mistakes to live happily together.

Pleasant: your wife needs you to make feel that you love her everyday. you have to make her feel that she is beautiful and you are attracted to her. You have to tell her that you love her everyday. A pleasant husband would smile to his wife that says "thank you, I am very happy to be with you" . And would be pleasant with his words. The pleasant husband would say nice words to his wife such appraisals, romantic and supportive words and would avoid harsh , belittling, teasing and any negative word. Words such as thank you, I am proud of you, I enjoy my time with you, you are my best friend and etc.... would be very positive and supportive pleasant husband would try to be funny with his wife. A good husband would make his wife laugh.

Time: it's very important that both of you spend quality time together. Be your wife's friend. If you can be your wife's best friend then that's awesome. It's very important that you make your wife feel that she's talking with her friend. Someone who cares about her and listen to her whenever she needs to talk. A good friend is not judgemental with his friend but would give his friend the enough time to talk about anything that bothers him in life, work, friends or etc.... One of every woman's needs is that she needs someone to listen to her. Sometimes the woman doesn't really needs suggested solutions to her problems. She just needs to take things out of her. good friend would not use every word been said by his friend to use it against him in the time of disputes. Every woman needs her own time too. She needs to have her own freedom to do things that she likes too. She might want to enjoy a bubble bath, visiting family, meeting friends, walking or etc... If that would be that the husband take care of the children to give her own time and break so the husband should support her in that. She will appreciate that from her husband and would fill her with positive energy to love and care about her husband and family.


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