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Common Types of Photos Scammers Love to Use to Bait Foreign Men in Filipina Dating Sites.

Updated on April 18, 2014

It is well known nowadays that there are more spammers in Filipina-Foreign Men dating sites than other dating sites, because I believe a person who is looking for love like a Foreign man who is thinking to date or love a Filipina is more prone to be scammed because they have less information or little to no experience how those spammers hide behind a simple attractive Filipina picture. The very first tool they use to attract their bait is, pay attention to this words, "A very attractive picture of a Filipina." An attractive picture that stands out at first glance because that's the first thing they really want to do: to get your attention.

When they get successful on getting your attention, let's say you send them a wink, a smile or an interest, that's their first step of making you fall on their trap of being scammed. I have to remind you that once they get your interest and you open yourself to communication, they are ready to proceed on their next step of making you a confirmed prospect victim without you knowing it because it's very hidden and not noticeable at first or not even obvious at all.

Now, before you even fall to their trap once you get interested to that attractive picture and before you send a wink or an interest or a smile, it will be smart to hold that action plan and take a little time to research who is behind that attractive picture, if it's a real Filipina who is really seeking for love or if it's just a spammer who is only wanting to scam you by hiding behind a Filipina photo. Here are some kinds of pictures that spammers usually love to use as bait

Famous Female Celebrity Pictures

I was shocked when I was very new in dating sites because I discovered it myself that there are lots of famous celebrity pictures that I saw when I was browsing the profiles of female members. I initially know that those profiles are fake profiles, so then it's so easy to conclude that those people behind those profiles are spammers. Anyway, I was just browsing other female members because I was curious to see who were my competitions were or those girls that had the same preferences as I do. Obviously, those famous celebrity photos are eyecatching and stand out in the crowd, so I am pretty sure that they are getting lots of interests, winks, smiles, which are very favorable for them.

Not so Very Famous or New Celebrities

It's a lot trickier if they use a not very famous or new celebrity photos, because even I think that some of the pictures in dating sites that I browsed were real Filipina love seekers until I recognized them in local TV commercials. Because they are very new or not very famous celebrities, they are not featured in the Web or in TV commercial very often, so then they are more look like a love seekers and not spammers. The numbers of those not very famous celebrity photos being use by spammers as bait I believe are higher compare to the number of famous celebrity photos that they use.

Sexy, Attractive Picture of a Pretty Filipina That They Got From Sites That Sells Pictures

Now, how did I know about this? Because, less than two years ago, when I was very new in online money making venture, I keep on searching or finding ways how to make money online, I stumbled on a site where you can sell your photos and there I recognized very few faces of Filipina that I saw in some dating sites and other sites as well. It was different shot or different photos, but it was the same face or same person. I guess, because the female was pretty, so then the spammers believe that it's worth the investment of buying a nice picture, why not? I also concluded that after the owner of that picture sold the pictures however the photographer got it, the seller will have no way of knowing how the buyer will use the picture, in good or bad, the seller is not involved anymore, because the buyer has the full rights to those pictures after paying them.

Now, you can see that it's really more complicated than you think. Our technology and Internet, our global connection makes it easy for spammers to make their plans or intention more doable and difficult to trace after they become successful. Our only shield is information, a lot of information and sad to say sometimes bad experience after others revealed that they've been scammed. I hope this tips are helpful in the hope that you will not fall or even get close to the bait of the spammers. These tips are here not to discourage you but to rather help and make your date and love search successful.

How to Spot the Red Flags if the Photo is use by Spammers in Dating Site


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