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What are the different types of Women by nature and physic?

Updated on September 13, 2015

Types of Women

Different Types of Women by nature and physic

Kinds of Females

According to the ancient Indian researchers there are primarily four types of females namely; Padmani, Chatarni, Sankhni and Hastani. Attributes of these types of women are discussed as under:

1. Padmani:


Padmani is a fairly tall lady having fair color. Her face is round and small; blossomed like a flower and has open countenance. She has long, thick, curly hairs and arched Eyebrows. Whiteness and blackness in the eyes is amazingly sharp. She has a wide chest, fairly plump chest and thin waist. Her wrists are soft and fingers are thin and delicate.

Habits & Nature:-

Obedience, cheerfulness and shyness are the basic ingredients of her nature. She remains clean and having pure and clean thoughts all the time. She always used to think about the success and prosperity of her husband. She is virtuous, loves her husband and takes lesser food. She used to sleep after her husband and awake up before him. She has normal sexual passion and loves perfumery and colognes. She has such attributes that her husband is captivated with her love, beauty and ethics.



No physical conditions apply to Hastani. There is no condition that such woman should be thick or thin, tall or short, having fair or black color. Rather such woman is recognized from insolence and boldness in eyes.

b. Habits & Nature:-

Her body is extra-ordinarily hairy. Her body is hot and her sweat has odious smell. She is fond of rest and luxuries of life. Always ready for love. Take comparatively more food. She sleeps before her husband and gets up later. She is disloyal to her husband and always has impure and immoral thoughts. She is shameless and fond of showing her figures to unrelated men. She is a lair and narrow minded. Getting angry and happy on trivial things is her primary habit. She is fond of strange men.


a. Physic:-

Such like woman has big head, thick neck and large chest. Since her childhood she looks elder as compared to her age and has generally flabby outlook. She has extra-ordinary thick hair. There are usually brown hairs on her shins.

b. Habits & Nature:-

She walks with embellishment like an Indian red leg partridge. She loves salty and sour foods. She always remains happy. If one could not perform according to her will she gets shameless and immodest. Such woman is very clever, shrewd and hardworking. Biggest quality of Sankhani is that she is fair with rational people and dreadful with awful ones. She has least fear of God and do not look after her children fairly but she is very fertile and usually gives birth to more children as compared to other types of women. She has extreme passion for love and gets more menstruation. It is difficult to tackle such woman. She could only remain loyal and remains under-control of a strict husband only.



This type of woman possesses almost the same beauty as compared to Padmani but her height is typical, face is thin, skin has hairs and hands are stretched. Her waist and shins are thick, chest is wide open and breasts are fairly plump. Her stomach and head are flabby and beautiful. Her eyes are comparatively thin and round and her ears are large.

Attributes and Nature

Such woman is beautiful, bashful and fond of makeup. Getting excited and annoyed on trivial things is her primary nature of such woman. Such woman gets herself busy in humorous things. She is fond of music, wearing fashionable outfits and living a leisure life. She has least interest in domestic work and sleeps more. But despite all these things she is loyal and extremely loves her husband. She has humility nature. She gets anxious too much.


1. There are other kinds of women that have mixed attributes. Moreover, it all depends on husband who can change the nature of his wife altogether. For instance, thanks to husband’s attitude her wife could turned to be a Padmani from Hastani. With the change in nature the type of woman also gets changed. It is very difficult to decide that in which type a particular woman falls. One should have to evaluate each and every quality and flaw very carefully. Don’t be overanxious in this context. Often you will find two types of qualities in one woman. So decide it carefully. You can avoid certain drawback by following this advice.


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