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What attracts girls into a relationshp?

Updated on April 24, 2013

A professor of anatomy once said, “Every girl is more interested in her comfort (Wealth) before love.” He claimed that what attracts girls into any relationship is money because no girl wants to suffer. He said that in a situation, in which a girl saw the money and entered a relationship, then when the money is no longer there, the love will end and some of the girls may want to leave the relationship while some may endure in that they enjoyed the money while it lasted.

The writer does agree with him that no woman or even a man wants to suffer, though it seems life made it that men be the ones to suffer while women do little. Yet, we know that a lot have changed and many women are now involved in the struggle for survival. It is necessary for they know nature do make them widows. That notwithstanding, some women are naturally hard working and are even the bread winners of their family.

I think it will be wrong to generalize the above claim in that not all girls go into relationship for the money. However, no girl will want to have a lazy or irresponsible man for a partner.

There are other things that may attract girls into a relationship. For instance, some girls like handsome men, celebrities, men in power, and a loving/caring man.

There are others that want a man with good character, honesty, and a man that will be truthful and faithful. These are usually those that claim that they want a God fearing man.

Therefore, it can be said that what attracts any girl into a relationship will depend on the priority of the girl in the relationship. Wealth or money is not what gives comfort. Some people are uncomfortable even with all their riches. Comfort has to do with a state of mind that is at peace.

Does it mean that money gives peace?

Some people are at peace even though they have no money. Some people are not so wealthy but they are comfortable as average earners. Therefore, for one to be comfortable in a relationship does not necessarily mean that money must be involved. It mostly involves understanding, trust, honest, being faithful, caring and true love.

Events have shown that is does no good to love someone for beauty or handsomeness alone, if it must be required, because such qualities do fade as one grows old or even accidents do happen and the quality will be lost. Men are mostly involved in this aspect of beauty as a requisite although the trend seems to be moving towards both men and women.

Love is best when it is unconditional but we know such love is difficult to come by. Maybe that is why there are only few relationships that have really passed the test of time.


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