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What do women want from men in a relationship: Things women look for in a relationship

Updated on February 1, 2013
What do women want from men in a relationship?
What do women want from men in a relationship?

What do women want in a relationship? What do women want from men in a stable relationship? The answer lies in meaningful and intangible desires that are often some of the most basic aspects of a loving relationship, yet remain elusive for many couples. Apart from high school crushes and whirlwind romances, here are things that girls and women look for in a relationship.

1) Commitment: The security of a long term relationship

All women don't necessarily associate commitment with getting married. Women understand that sometimes relationships may not fall through and that breaking up may be the way to go.

When women seek commitment in relationships, they often mean that men should promise to put in their best efforts in the relationship. A commitment phobic guy may not be a woman's idea of a boyfriend.

2) Romance: The feeling of being in love

Women are known to be big fans of candy floss romance as seen in romantic-comedy movies. They love to be wooed, serenaded, flirted with and be treated like a queen. Women love the magical feeling of being in love for the first time and they may want to recreate that every day in their relationship.

Red roses, chocolate, cute gifts, a sweet good morning hug or peck on the cheek are the classic forms of romance that women want in a relationship.

3) Intimacy: Taking the relationship to more than just sexual

Women rate intimacy very high as a benchmark to value their relationships. This is not to say that they don't want sex, but they would also like generous doses of intimacy in the form of hugs, kisses and cuddles.

Women want to be able to sit and share their hearts out while their partners patiently listen.
Women want to be able to sit and share their hearts out while their partners patiently listen. | Source

4) Partners who listen: Heart to heart chats

Women are famously known to love indulging in never-ending conversations and one of the few simple things that women want in a relationship is a being able to have an open chat or discussion.

Women want that their men should be good listeners and give them a patient ear instead of looking distracted or watch the game on TV instead. Heart to heart chats, venting frustration and ranting about the day are the kind of things of things that give women a lot of satisfaction.

5) Feeling equal: Women like going head to head with men

Women are no less of bread winners in the 21st century and they would like it if their partners understood and valued this notion.

Women like supporting their men in all their endeavors and they would like their boyfriends to do the same.

6) Honesty about flaws: Women like imperfect men

Contrary to what men may think, women don't expect their boyfriends to be perfect, macho, alpha males all the time. In fact they are known to dislike men who act as if they have no flaws whatsoever.

Women want their relationships to be so transparent and open that their men should be comfortable talking about their flaws and weaknesses without the fear of getting underestimated by women.

7) Power to opine and contribute: Women want men to respect their contribution to the relationship

Women love it when men respect their opinions, advice and contribution in the relationship and each other's lives.

Taking opinions on important matters and discussing at length before taking a decision are the kind of things that women want from men in a relationship. It is simply a way of asserting their importance in a relationship.

8) Emotional connection: A deeper foundation to the relationship

One of the critical things that women want in a relationship is a strong emotional connection. This intangible benchmark can be broadly defined as a strong bond that helps partners to read each other's mind and think for each other.

A good emotional connection sets apart a romantic relationship from other ones.

9) Mutual dependency and support: Women want to be able to depend on their partners

Dependency is a keyword that women look for in a relationship. Dependency can range from emotional, physical, financial, psychological or just a simple form of support in day to day life.

Women expect their partners to have a strong shoulder to lean upon. It is a two way street and women look to provide equal amounts of support to men in return.

From spontaneous piggyback rides to impromptu road trips - women want men to embrace the lighter side of life every now and then.
From spontaneous piggyback rides to impromptu road trips - women want men to embrace the lighter side of life every now and then. | Source

10) Laughter and spontaneity: Women want their men not to be serious all the time

A woman expects her man to be able to make her laugh. She also expects him to be spontaneous and look beyond the rut of life to pull out surprises time to time.

This does not mean that men are expected to be jovial all the time. All women want is for their men to embrace the lighter side of life every now and then.

11) Affection and appreciation: Women like to be showered with both

It may be every girl's secret dream to be treated like a princess by their partner. This doesn't mean that they have to be treated like fragile porcelain dolls, but they would love to be showered affection and appreciation time and again.

Just like how a man's ego is massaged by complimenting him on certain things, a woman loves it when she is pampered. She expects her partner to give her compliments, remind her how beautiful she is and tell her how lucky he is to be in a relationship with her.

12) Feeling of exclusivity: Women want exclusivity in a relationship

Women get a passive rush knowing that they are the exclusive recipients to their partner's love, affection, respect, admiration, fantasy and fancy.

Flirting with girls, staring at other women, announcing fondness for a lady friend or admiring another woman's achievement over her own are some of the things that a woman may not like her partner doing.

13) Ambition, motivation and inspiration: Women want their relationships to be inspiring

A woman would want her relationship to be infused with excitement, ambition and motivation.

Whether it is setting common goals, deciding on the future of the relationship or pushing her to do her best – A woman would want her man to work with her to convert their relationship into a platform from where she can draw inspiration on a daily basis.

14) Acceptance: Women secretly want their men and relationship to be liked by family and friends

One of the important things that women want their relationships to have is the love and acceptance of their family and friends.

She may not say this to her partner explicitly but if they are in a committed relationship, acceptance may play a vital role in making a woman feel better about herself and her relationship.

15) Tolerance: Women want their relationships to weather the storm

Expecting partners to be tolerant is one thing but expecting a relationship to be tolerant is another. Women want their relationships to be tolerant and strong enough to survive arguments, fights and confusion.

She expects her partner to be immune to minor hiccups and nurture the relationship even when things are not rosy.


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