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What does your Venus Placement Say about Your Love Style? Featuring Taurus Venus

Updated on March 11, 2015

Where is your Venus located?

Have you ever had your chart done by a professional Astrologer or perhaps even looked at your own chart with one of the many online software programs and found where your Venus is located? A lot of people are interested in their own natal chart, but understanding the symbols, lines, and numbers can be really intimidating for many. When you finally can make heads or tails of what you’re looking at, what does it all mean?!

Venus in your chart can be in one of twelve different signs, and depending on where that is in your chart shows you have a certain energy and influence towards you in all ways Venus affects. Venus being the planet of love and romance shows a huge way how you love, deal with your finances, and culture romance in your life! For the purpose of this Hub, the focus will be on the more romantic nuances of Venus, and what you can expect from your romantic life.


Taurian Venus

This Hub features those with their Venus in Taurus, considering this is my personal Venus placement, along with my husband’s, I know it rather well!

How does a Venus in Taurus act in love and what is the real deal with this energy? Stability in love is the number 1 wish and goal for a Taurian Venus, with loyalty and dependability being the key to that stability. Loyalty is so important, that jealousy can be an issue, and something that will need to be reeled in every now and then to keep the peace in your relationship.
Sensuality is never a problem with a Taurian Venus as Taurus loves decadence and indulgence like no other sign. This love of all things fine expands to every part of a Taurian Venus’s life, as sex is indulgent and greedy, along with the desire for the finer things and pleasures of life.
A Taurian Venus has a few problems besides finding themselves a bit on the possessive side. With the love for dependability, sometimes this aspect can show that you get a bit TOO COMFY in your relationship, which can bring a bit of stale air to your passion if you’re not careful.

Laziness in wooing can make you indifferent and dull in keeping the love of your life interested as once that commitment is solid, it’s easy to let hang a bit with your apathy. Don’t allow this to happen, as it’s a catch 22 and all your stability can fly out of the window with one accidental-- but indifferent comment. If you are a Taurian Venus, you know protecting what you have is of utmost importance, and knowing that your biggest threat is yourself should be something to always keep on the forefront of your mind.

You have to worry about more than just the chance for showing your lazy possession as decadent desires do tempt the most dedicated of those to their diet! Among the cravings for passion, you’re looking at true hungers for the delectable morsels of tempting foods that can become a real issue if you allow it! So what does that mean for the well meaning person watching their weight? Watch out!

Shrimp Stirfry for my Love!
Shrimp Stirfry for my Love! | Source

Food can be a way to share your passion and your love, as you’ll look to giving and enjoying the better parts of lushness with your partner, even if this means worry for your waistline! I take much love in preparing and cooking food for those I love, and it can be hard not to spoil my partner with every delicacy I can find! So, from experience, you’ll want to be careful of the whole food aspect as it can catch up to the most well meaning of lover!

With all this being said, Venus is how you love and the energy surrounding the exact way you show your appreciation to your partner, family, and friends. Knowing is most the battle when it comes to the ever lasting questions that surround love, and with this knowledge, know you’re forearmed and forewarned!

So, do you know where your Venus is in your chart? If so, what Venus sign would you like addressed next time? Comment and let me know!



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