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What is Cable Management System

Updated on April 24, 2017

Cables have become an essential component in a modern work space. These data cables that aid communication, electrical cables for distributing power and many more.

You will agree that unless these cables are well organized, they can easily become a tangled mess and a recipe for accidents whether in the office or around the homestead.

This is where cable management systems come in. A cable management system basically refers to installation of equipment that helps keep cables aesthetically presentable, functional and well protected.

Yet, money people aren't conversant with basic units that constitute a good cable system. This article, then, is here to help understand more on a basic cable management unit. Read on.

Cable Tray
Cable Tray | Source

Components of a Cable Management System.

These components help support the cabling system.

1. Cable Trays

This tool helps support and separate data cabling from power wiring in a given building. Cable trays are usually placed either under the under raised floors or overhead.

Primarily, a cable tray boosts circulation and organization especially if the cabling network is installed in a congested space.

2. Cable ladders

These are supporting structures for heavy cables. They come in different material makes, structural design and load capabilities.

3. Cable baskets

A cable basket is the larger version of cable tray.It's constructed from a wire mesh. It provides extra support to data cables.

Why its Important to Have a Proper Cable Management System.

1. It makes routing of cables through a building easy.

A cable management system takes into account the arrangement of furniture, cable wraps, wall and floor structures. This means it's easy for a technician to direct cables around the structures.

2. Improves Airflow in a building.

Wrapping it up

Do have some additions on the topic? Kindly share with other members in the comments section.


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