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What is Love? Life perhaps.

Updated on March 23, 2016

Mum Joyce Ncala and Dad Black Dillinger.


What is Love? Life perhaps.

What is Love?

Love is the moment.

This very now, connects us to our past, present and future.

With the tool of memory we can reflect and use our accumulated knowledge to better our selves.

We may not be able to change the past yet we can reflect, we can analyse our history and we can plan and hope for a better tomorrow.

What is love?

Love is being at peace with your current situation, where ever you may be on your journey called life.

Love is the sound of your name, when your mum wakes you up for your favorite breakfast, before you go to school.

Love is when your dad buys you your dearest toy for no apparent reason, possibly he is

Proud to have a son, eager and willing to learn like you.

Love is when you and your sibling fight about who is going to make grandma breakfast this morning, only to find out that has already prepared breakfast for the whole family, by the time you get to the kitchen.

Love is remembering that today is grand dads birthday and he passed away years before you were born.

Love is sharing our feelings with those closest to us.

Love is having good health, without the reality that you have never been on medical aid.

Love is the ability to dream, and the manifestation of the lords mercy, when your hopes and dreams materalise, against all odds.

Love is that feeling of passing mathematics, you studied all year, day and night, yet deep down when you walked into that exam you had no clue how you would answer the questions in your final exam.

Love is getting your first job, and spending your first salary on all your immediate family members, just to say thank you for being there.

Love is the birth of your first child, all the plans you have for your family, indeed tomorrow does look bright despite all the challenges we face.

Love is being faithful to the teachings of your childhood, for they will guide you when all else has failed you in life.

Love is the art of being able to tell the real from the phoney.

Love is being wise with the money earn, and saving your pennies for a rainy day, even though all you have know your entire life is sun shine.

Love is waking up in the morning, and having something to look forward to.

Love is that voice in your heart which tells you to behave, when you and only you know you are about to get up to no good.

Love is the beauty of nature.

Love is seeing a flower blossom when we have just come out of winter and autumn.

Love is the sight of seeing children playing to them nothing could matter or be more Important at that time.

Love is when you feel empty, all because you miss the sound of the voice of your soul mate.

Love is the reality of your dog and cat waiting up all night until you get home, and feed them their favorite food.

Love is when you get down on your knees close your eyes and pray, and you sill have faih even though God takes his time answering prayers at times.

Love is a song that makes you dance all night, even after hear 20 thousand times.


Love is your gift of Life.

Gods Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Ncala


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