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What is about men that confuse or confound women most, i.e. whether in dating, work, friendships, marriage or family.?

Updated on January 11, 2009

What Do Women Want?

Can't figure out what your woman wants or how to make her happy?  Here are a few suggestions that I hope help. 

When I have a problem and share it with my husband he immediately wants to jump in and 'fix it'.   This is often not what i want - I want him to listen to me and help me figure out how to fix it.  I know it sounds strange, but it annoys me if he starts telling me what i should do, as it makes me feel like he thinks I'm inept or dumb.  So, if your girlfriend or wife starts to complain that the neighbor's yard light is annoying you, don't go shoot out the bulb! Talk with her and let her vent her feelings and listen to her suggestions.

If you're like most men you have an assortment of projects or honey-dos that your lady wants you to finish - or even start.   The best way to irritate her is to get up on Saturday morning and say you're going to fix the leaky faucet or mow the lawn and procede to your computer or easy chair.  Trust me, you'll be much better off if you just don't mention the tasks that you're probably not going to do anyway as she'll stew about it the rest of the weekend.

If you finally do start on a project - do it by yourself unless she asks if you need help.  If you're going to paint the trim, get the ladder, the paint, the brush and whatever else you need and do the job.  When you're finished, put the ladder, the empty paint can away and clean the brush or throw it out.  It's very annoying when we're trying to cook, do laundry, weed the garden (usually all at the same time) only to hear, 'Honey, I'm going to paint the trim, would you bring me the ladder, paint . . . . "  We have enough to do without joining in on your projects.

Give her a little appreciation.  If she's cooked a good meal - TELL HER you liked it.  You'd be amazed at how happy just a little appreciation makes us. Oh, and don't qualify it by saying,  "Wow that was a good dinner, except the potatoes were a little salty this time."  This kind of compliment could land you in the ER.

I could go on and on, but i probably sound too much like a crab as it is.




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    • Pat Merewether profile image

      Pat Merewether 9 years ago from Michigan

      LOL - I'm sure that's what you guys mean - but I bet a lot of men's last words aer , "But Honey, I was just trying to help!"

    • Elusen profile image

      Elusen 9 years ago from Indianapolis, IN

      I loved it - thank you! Think I may have shot a few too many bulbs in my day - and oh, that salt thing...we're just trying to help :)