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What is love? Why is it so complicated

Updated on March 10, 2016

Love is like a flower

Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. Probably all of you remember the first time you have fallen in love. Excited, happy feeling somewhere deep inside of you. I remember my first love quite well. Boy with brown hair and blue eyes caught my eyes right away. What was i attracted to? It´s so simple. He was funny and pretty. Beauty was the most important aspect of my life. As i was getting older, I had my heart broken many times. I was dreaming about boys who were out of my reach. I lived in a fantasy world about perfect relationship. I thought that well groomed boy can bring me to cloud 9. It was all because i saw it all around me. Love is not a ring, you put on finger and then put it away. As we grow older, our idea of love changes.

We keep on searching for something real. As we embark on cruise, we expect to be lucky but search for love is not a easy task. How simple would it be if we just could find Mr. right ? Life is full of suprises and we hope that one day will be our happy day. Love is not about a need or sexual attraction. Yes sexual life is very important part of every relationship but building your life on it is not a good start His voice is like a melody to your heart and it literally melts down. When you love, you would give him all your heart.

Saying goodbye is the hardest part of all. You can´t go a day without calling or seeing each other. Not matter what is the distance between you two, he would go miles just to spend the time with you.

I want to be your favourite hello and your hardest goodbye.

It´s so hard to summarize love just into one sentence. For every person this word has a different connotation.

1. Love is when you can´t close your eyes because all you think of is the loved one.

As hard as you try, you cant erase him from your memory. He´s your sun, he´s your star.

2. You see him everywhere you go or look.

3. You feel safe in his presence.

4. He can talk about boring stuff but you still listen to his talk attentively.

Real love

Real love is the feeling you need to be with someone all the time. Its the warmness, happiness and safety. You want to share all your worries or happy moments with them. Whether you draw crazy pictures together or stay up till the morning. Love hits you when you expect the least. The loved one is centre of your universe and all you wished for is right there waiting for you. Not matter how furious you are, you still feel unconditional love for them. You can forgive them easily. You put your priorities aside and only being with them is all that matters.


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