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What is the shape of your heart?

Updated on February 12, 2014

I recall this story from medical college about 10 years ago: One day, a young man walked up to the street and stood at the center of the street. He brought out his heart and bragged, “My heart is the most beautiful heart here and even in the world at large. Can anyone challenge me?” Nobody could challenge him from the crowd because his heart was truly beautiful and spotless. He bragged and praised his heart and the crowd could only admire his beautiful heart. Then an old man came out from the crowd and brought his own heart and challenged him, “My heart is the most beautiful heart here.”

The young man and the crowd looked at the old man’s heart and thought he was mad to have challenged the young man. The old man’s heart was jagged with scars and holes as it was out of shape. The young man laughed at the old man’s heart and asked, “How on earth do you think your rough heart is more beautiful than mine? Can’t you see that my heart is spotless?” The old man smiled and said, “Yes, my heart is rough because of the scars and holes. That is why it is the most beautiful heart and I love it because it reminds me of people that I met in my journey through life. I gave people my heart and some of them gave me theirs. That is where you see the scars, for some did not fit perfectly while some were more than I gave. Yet, I am glad that they gave me their heart. Some people who I gave my heart did not give me theirs and that is where you see the holes. Yet, I am glad that I gave them my heart for I hope someday they may fill the holes. Though I know some may never return it. I am happy that I gave people my heart and I don’t regret it because that made my heart more beautiful for it was once like yours.”

The young man cried and looked at his own heart and it was no longer beautiful so he took a piece and gave it to the old man while the old man gave him back a piece. Then he looked at his heart and realized that it was truly, now, more beautiful than he thought so he thanked the old man for making his heart more beautiful. Since then, the young man has been giving people his heart for he now believes that is the only way his heart will truly remain beautiful.

We give people our heart and though some may not understand it worth yet we should always be glad that did. If you gave someone your heart, you have to be glad that you did. They can leave a scar or a hole. Whatever they leave, you will always know you gave a piece of your heart to them.

The holes will only make you stronger but the scars will be forever celebrated. We are not afraid of getting stronger but we all love celebrating forever.

Though our heart is broken, yet every piece of our broken heart will continue to love. For love is the highest religion.


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