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What to Say to a Woman or Man you are in Love with

Updated on April 9, 2014

Have You Ever Really Completely Loved a Woman?

Message for Men In Love

Tell a woman how you really feel and what your heart is unable to speak. You have nothing to lose except opportunity...your man card won't expire and there will be more value on it. If she doesn't love you back and speak of her love for you equally give her some time...if still nothing...keep searching for your soul mate and for someone who isn't afraid to profess their love for everything about you. A one-sided or even a silent love is not really love, so when you do finally run into your soul mate...these words will help you tell them in words how your soul feels.

What to Say to the Woman You Love

  • I've never had feelings this powerful!!! You have overwhelmed my heart with the love you've given me...and I want to return it a thousand times!!!

  • I am so happy that you're happy!! My heart will hurt all the way up til I see you again.

  • I'm on my way to work...and I can't stop thinking about how much I want to spend every last second I'm awake with you. Also every last second I'm asleep!!!

  • I feel that what we have is so very special. Like one in a million or one in a billion or maybe even one in infinity.

  • I think you said it as well as words can explain it. I don't know if it came across this way but what I meant is I want to grow old with you.

  • I have missed you all day.

  • I'm the happiest man on earth because of you!!! You beautiful amazing woman.

  • Night sweetie! If you find me in your dreams I'll give you a bunch of kisses... And I will look for you too.

  • Good morning beautiful...Not seeing you on Sunday made it the worst day. I miss you deeply ;) can't wait to see you tonight ;) I'm going to kiss you for hours without stopping.

  • I miss you so much right now it hurts with everything I have in my heart!

  • Every second I am away from YOU is he new worst second of my life!!! One day hopefully soon you can meet me with a hug and kiss every day :)

  • Know that you should be cared for like the wonderful woman you are. And I plan on being the one that does it... Hugs and kisses and love without bounds!!!

  • You deserve far more than I can offer...but I will give you everything I possibly have in my body my heart and my soul!!!

  • Baby you can have all of's just hard for me to think that a woman as absolutely perfect as you could like or love me the way you make me feel like I'm the luckiest man alive. And I'm without a doubt the happiest.

  • My love for you is like a fire...And you're the oxygen. The more I get of you the brighter the flame gets!!! And man is it bright ;)

  • I feel like we have been together for years not weeks...I am so comfortable with you!! I love you with all my heart and want to live the rest of my life with you by my side.

  • I sometimes think I shouldn't say things because I think it's too fast then I think oh well, it's how I feel...I can't stop love!!!!!

  • Thank you for thinking so highly of me...I'm not going anywhere!!! By my hearts definition you are without a doubt the love of my life.

  • I miss you so bad right now...I want to hold you in my arms and kiss you forever and ever and ever!!!

  • I want to go to sleep with and I want to wake up with you every day...until I stop waking up.

  • My text alert went off. And I just became so happy...I just knew it was you and I couldn't stop smiling!!!

  • My day is going as good as it can without you.

  • I've never been this happy...ever.

  • You're so sweet ;) About 10 minutes after I got back my chest started to flutter.

  • I can't wait to see hearts already starting to race!!!

  • He said "The best love is the kind that awakens the soul. And makes us reach for more. That plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. And that's what you've given me...and that's what I would hope to give to you forever. I know it's stolen...that doesn't make it any less true. I love you with all my heart ♥"

  • She said "Awww, we definitely have that kind of love. Thank you for sending me that. You are so wonderful, saying I Love You barely BEGINS to describe how I feel inside.

  • I would do anything for you. You are my shining hope for a better life. I love you with all my heart.

  • I miss you so much...My whole body is in pain from withdraw from you.

  • Hi there beautiful how is your day going...I miss you something fierce. I need you...I love you...I want to die beside you when we are 100 years old!!!

  • I want to kiss you so much it hurts...I want to kiss you so bad it hurts...I love you so much that I don't care about he pain.

  • He said "You mean so much to me you make me the most happy I have ever been. And I can't wait to be with you forever!!! To the one that stole my heart. The love of my life. My beautiful...(name here)...I hope soon you are my wife!!!" She said "I am smiling so big right now!!! I can't wait for you to be my Husband and to spend the rest of my life with you through good and bad!!!"

Message for Women In Love

It is best to let the man lead with his feelings and if he isn't man enough to tell you his feelings (or doesn't have any feelings for you), then he's likely just a boy with a hidden agenda. It's best to start out old fashioned, let him show you and tell you how crazy he is about you, then reciprocate how you feel equally, but only if you truly feel this way. If you don't feel this way in return and he appears to be nuts about you, give him a chance because once you get to know him better you may find that he is your soul mate.

If you pass him up just remember he might be the only man that will ever see the true beauty inside of you and love you forever unconditionally when everyone else only noticed the outside or wants something short term from you. Don't be quick to discard him if he is different than what you are used to or doesn't fit inside your ideal box. If you do feel the same way about him and find yourself stumbling over your words then I wrote these down just for you...If you find a man that makes you feel like you are the only woman in the world and he thinks everything about you is beautiful...consider yourself rich, lucky, and very blessed.

Are You Really in Love?

Beautiful Words to Say to the Man You Love

  • Of all the love stories and movies I have read and seen none of them compare to what we have. Most people have to lose someone before they figure out how strong their love is...we don't.

  • I can't wait until the day we can grill out and watch our kids play in the back yard...sigh...we have so much to look forward to!!!
  • Wow, it's amazing we both still have butterflies after this many weeks of being so close! I just can't seem to describe it to people...they just don't get it because they have never experienced it...neither have I until we went out.She said "I am so happy, I want to spend my forever with you!"

  • You can say whatever you want if you feel it...I welcome it and i am 100% sure I have already had the same thoughts about you too ;)

  • I feel exactly the same way baby! :) you make me SO happy! I never went to be without you.

  • If I have you all figured out like I think I do you are perfectly right for me.

  • It is SO easy to think highly of make it easy and you are the love of my life too...the one and only and I love you more than I have ever loved a man.
  • You bring tears to my eyes when you say such wonderful things...and I believe you...and I feel the same way.

  • She said "I miss you to death...I have some real big butterflies in my chest and belly right now thinking about you." He said "I miss you makes me happy when you text me. My heart skips a beat every time my alert goes off ;)"

  • Hi baby, I hope you are having a good day!

  • She said "Just blew a kiss to you ♥♥->" Sent at 1:25 pm. He said "Sorry...I just got up from your kiss. It hit me so hard it knocked me over!!! ;)" Received at 2:15 pm

  • My heart used to be empty...and now it is full with my love for you ♥

  • Oh my Goodness...I miss you so much my stomach hurts!

  • He said "Forever sounds really nice. Lets do that!!!" She said "I can't think of one fraction of a reason not to! ;)" He said "Me and me together forever. What a wonderful dream!!! Only it's real :) YEAH!!!! She said "Yay, so excited!!!!!! You have all of my love and always will!!!! I love you with all of me!!!! I will dream of you all night just like I do when I am awake all day."He said "You're so sweet!!! Goodnight my love
  • She said "When we kiss the whole world stops and I want the world to stop right now. I feel like I am in another place when we kiss and hug and when you are around me in general. I love it." He said "If I had my way the world would never move again!!! Because we would always be around each other...for the rest of our lives ;)" She said "Me too! I wish we could be together tonight! :)"

How Much We Love Someone is Not Always Easy to Say

One of the neatest things about love is that when it's true and genuine you can suddenly become passionately creative and find a million beautiful ways to say the same thing over and over again. You can try to explain your love with gifts and a wedding ring but if you don't do it first with genuine words the other just won't be enough. Wedding rings and wedding dresses don't make love last forever, they should simply be symbols of the unconditional love you already found and want to hold onto forever.

Often those words are never satisfying enough to describe how you really feel about someone you are in love with but you have to find ways to make sure they always know how much you mean to them, words and matching actions are the best ways.

If you find a woman or a man you want to shower with these words and they return the love...hold them tight and make them feel like they are the only man or woman in the world...because you have something special, a soul mate, and a love as beautifully unique as your finger prints.

I'd love to be the muscle memory inside your heart. Keeping you alive each time you take a step.. Now that's an occupation worth living for.


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    • StarsFungusCure profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Indiana

      Thank you for your input Mistressoflove...much appreciated.

    • Mistressoflove profile image


      4 years ago from Rhode Island

      I like the message of the article very good. Although the format of the article is a bit confusing and makes it hard to absorb the full message of the article. I really think that if you change the format of the article and make it sections instead of bullet points that would be better. Good job!


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