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What to buy your girlfriend as a present

Updated on June 21, 2012

Wondering what your girlfriend would like as a gift or a present?

This is really for teenage to twenty something year old's and more for early relationships, romantic gift ideas and Valentine's Day. (this can also work on a birthday if the girl is in her teens) Open to guys and girls :) I hope this helps.

Ever wondered what a girl might like for a present? perhaps you're thinking about buying a girl you like or your girlfriend a simple gift but you're out of ideas? what you need to know is that the majority of girls especially young girls do not like being showered with expensive presents, many girls (not all) do NOT like a guy who can wave money about and send them bouquets of flowers with chocolates all the time. When it comes to women, simple is the better option. A simple, gift from the heart is better than a £10,000 necklace she may not like.

Let's start with gifts for a first date for teenagers:

  • A soft toy such as a TY beanie baby, now it might seem childish but a LOT of girls adore a cute cuddly toy. Bear in mind you don't want to buy some cheap tatty old bear or something holding an enormous heart emblazoned with I love you. A cute furry animal is something you can buy cheap that girls really like and this can work for 12 years even to women approaching 30. In my opinion speaking as a girl, I would be happier with a stuffed animal than with a diamond necklace or flowers etc. Young teen girls will take this as a gift from the heart rather than from the pocket.
  • A Home made bracelet or necklace if you are the type of guy who can braid a bracelet or make jewellery then this is a great gift option for a girlfriend, perhaps not on a first date but it is a kind, sweet idea girls appreciate just be sure you know what she likes and what she wears.
  • Play a song for her if you can play acoustic guitar or piano then write a song or sing a well known love song (be careful what you choose and read the lyrics thoroughly just in case) then play it for her and if you can, sing it to her. If you can't sing then a piano is an easier option for you. Girls like meaningful gifts. Do not put on a heavy metal, rap or screamo song though this can be shocking or really put a girl out of the mood so choose wisely.
  • A single rose not a full bouquet, personally if a guy handed me a bunch of flowers I would feel awkward and I wouldn't like them as most young girls, a single rose is a romantic sweeter gesture without going overboard or potentially flaring up her hayfever. This is more of a first date thing or Valentines day rather than a birthday gift.
  • A book if she likes reading be sure you know what she likes and what she might like, if you can search for a wish list on the internet (if she has one) or ask her friends or family, be sure you know what she has already. It may sound boring but books are interesting and thoughtful gifts that say you have put a lot of thought into what she would like.
  • A crystal necklace you know those necklaces you can buy from the crystal shop that are like a piece of black thin rope with a jewel attached? girls love those and they aren't expensive. Pick a colour and stone wisely. Teenage girls in particular like these. Beware, if she likes wearing huge fake gold hoops and heavy chains she probably wouldn't appreciate this gift.

Note: Girls think into things thoroughly, we are very receptive and we search for details and care taken especially in gifts from men. Girls like simple rather than over the top, yes this doesn't apply for ALL women.

WARNING: DO NOT give a girl a cheque, cash or any form of money. A gift card is fine but don't actually give her money this can feel insulting especially if she doesn't have much it can make her feel you are pitying her or giving it to her as a way to flaunt yourself. This will rarely work and may even upset her.

Young women. This applies to women from their late teens to late twenties. The gifts are mostly the same part the last option of the crystal necklace in the case of twenties. Teenagers may still like this option.

  • Soft toy same as above, a stuffed beanie toy (no I love you etc) but a cute animal is always a good option for girls. Many girls in their twenties still have stuffed animals on their beds personally I have seen and know of a lot. I'm almost 19 and I still have a few beanies.
  • A gift card it doesn't need to be to a clothing store perhaps a music, gaming store or an online gift card. Obviously pick a shop she likes if you know she shops in a certain place and the prices are sufficient that a gift card of say £20 would be a good option then go for it, even £10 is okay for a birthday/Christmas gift. This can also be used for Valentines day but perhaps not as a date gift.
  • Pet things only buy her pet things if she owns a pet. For example if she has a rabbit and you say 'hey I got this for (insert name here) saw it and thought of you two' don't buy her a marrow bone or a box of dog biscuits make sure it is something sensible like a hamster toy and be sure it will fit in the cage or fit the pet (collar, lead, toy, blanket, gift card to pet store) Be sure she actually loves animals and owns the animal first and be sure to have met the animal. This is a good gift on a whim.
  • Candles, oil burner, reed diffuser some girls really love scented candles, oil burners (be sure you also buy some scented oil and tea lights for it to burn!) now I don't mean a spray can of odour control. Select a scent you know she will like and buy of nice quality. These can be bought for any reason. Don't randomly say to her after going to her house for the first time 'here's a scented candle you can burn in your room' because she might think you're implying her house smells bad. Oil burners are a sweet soothing thing to have in the room and they smell great as well as candles and reed diffusers. (buy a gift or a nice one not a store's own brand or one that is odour control)
  • Jewellery a little heart necklace or just a chain or charm bracelet is a nice gift for girls. Be sure you buy one that isn't of a cheap tatty metal or one that is going to fall apart or break really easily. You don't need to go to a jewellers but make sure it is something she would wear if possible look at what she already owns don't just buy something because it's a colour she likes or it's what you think most girls would like. Buy (or make) it being sure you know she will wear it. There's nothing worse than jewellery that flops.

Note: be sure you know what she would like, if she isn't into perfume don't buy her any, don't buy her any fragrance if you should choose to unless you are sure she likes it. Pay close attention to what she buys in the shops.

TIPS: use any shopping opportunity not to complain or sigh and annoy her with your complaints. Use these options to watch closely what she looks at and contemplates, what she buys and what she likes. If she didn't buy it what was the reason other than price? was it because she is allergic to the product or because she just didn't want it? ask questions but don't sound too suspicious. Use them throughout the year to make notes on what she has bought and what she doesn't like this will really help come dates, Valentines day, Christmas and her birthday or even Graduation if applicable. If you see her put something down because she can't afford it then maybe pick it up as a present for her. Good luck with your shopping.


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