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What to do if Someone Hurts You?

Updated on November 16, 2012

Life is Not That Simple

I know how it feels when someone hurts you. It hurts more when someone hurts you for someone else. "Life's not that simple, down here on earth", I remember these lines form the song "One Voice". A week ago someone broke my heart and this was not the first time happening with me. I always attract these type of situations in my life, maybe with "Law of Attraction". But this time it took only week for me to come back to normal instead of years and months.

When this happens to you, first thing you feel.. "Hell on Earth!" (Literally!). Then in attempt to fix that situation, it only becomes worse! You fell like crying, but you know no one cares! Though there are many people around you, you feel alone. This emptiness only makes you to feel sick of life!

If you came here from search engine, you probably facing this situation at the moment. But if you are reading this and you are normal in this moment, then I suggest you to read Abraham Hick's eBook "How to Change Your Life Around in 30 Days". Do some daily rituals as specified in that book. This really helps in all situations and aspects of life. And those who hurt, when you come out of this situation, start doing some daily rituals specified in that book, so you will never face the same situation again.

What to do when Someone Hurts You?
What to do when Someone Hurts You? | Source

15 Things to do When Someone Hurts You

When you feel empty, there is nothing to do. But life goes on.. And you start wasting your valuable days. When you come out of your situation, you feel regret about those days that you wasted for someone else who never cared about you. I am not saying you will get over the things you are facing immediately. I know that is impossible! But you should find your own way of satisfaction as soon as possible. Below are some things that might help you to get over someone. Here are 15 things to do when someone hurts you.

  1. Find something in that person to hate about. Remember some things that you don't like about him. Give importance to yourself! And then leave him, ignore him. If you can, this really helps.
  2. It's really difficult to get over someone who hurt you and now who is around you. So stay away from that person. Stop talking with him and if possible don't be around him.
  3. Start counting your breaths and remember your God. Do it for several hours in a day without any expectations regarding current situation. Don't expect anything or just ask good future and happiness in general. This is the best medicine, if you can't sleep. I experienced and I believe this exercise starts making future in your favor.
  4. Find something to engage your mind, like I am writing this article. Make some long term goals and start working on those goals.
  5. Accept your past as the destiny, like you had no any choice. Life is 'Destiny' or 'Choice' no one truly knows. If you can accept your past, it helps to move on.
  6. There is no life without a hope. So for future, Dream you are going to manifest your perfect life using law of attraction. Who knows? manifestation of your dreams using law of attraction could be your destiny! Living perfect life in imagination or living it in so called "reality"! What matters! at the moment of last breath. So by my point of view, law of attraction is worth to try,
  7. I Believe someone more valuable is coming in your life. Your perfect soul mate is divinely irresistible to you! Your perfect soul mate is your destiny. Live with your soul mate in your dreams up to the moment when your soul mate steps into your real life.
  8. Mostly we get hurt just because of the habit to talk with him or her. Inside your own heart you truly know, is that person your real soul mate? Face the fact! If no! then let him go. Remember, your soul mate is your destiny.
  9. You are valuable! You need to recognize and appreciate your own value inside your heart. Your soul mate will come in your life by the door of your heart to make you feel valuable. Just hold on and be with your soul mate in your heart.
  10. Meditate, do some daily rituals and you will Understand yourself as a free soul. Give yourself freedom. Then you will get strength to give freedom to others. You will get strength to give freedom to the person who broke your heart without having any hard feelings for him. And you will feel respect, love and confidence in yourself. That's the best feeling in the world!
  11. Laugh, mediate, think what you really want? Doodle your dreams, write good things in a day, good qualities of people around you. This really helps in long term, in all aspects of life. Follow Abraham Hick's eBook "How to Change Your Life Around in 30 Days". Do all these things for at least 30 days and you will start experiencing difference within you.
  12. Why and how to feel good when there is nothing to feel good about!? And This is what i say, " Why feel good? Just because feeling good feels good!" Experience that good feeling! Now why feel sad?
  13. Watch videos of quantum physics, how brain works?, law of attraction. Sometimes these videos help to give us new perspective of life. Listen encouraging, positive songs. Stay away from sad broken heart songs! That will be just the waste of time. Try to be happy!
  14. Your family loves you. Love your family. Try to be with them. Be with positive minded people, be with people who really think good about you. How would you know? Just ask your heart! If heart feels energetic with someone, be with him. Sometimes friends you think close to you, might not be your real friends! They might feel happiness in your pain. Be in your own positive world.
  15. Say yourself "You are strong!", "You can easily get over this situation and move on." Hold on for a week. Give yourself time to get out of that emotional frame of mind. Time is the best medicine in the world. Observe your thoughts and replace negative affirmations with positive affirmations.

Your Perfect Soul Mate is Divinely Irresistible to You!
Your Perfect Soul Mate is Divinely Irresistible to You! | Source

We are Not Some Android Robot! But..

We are human and not some Android robot! We can't just erase all our memories and move on. We need time to get over someone! But life is so valuable! Don't waste too much time for someone who might not be spending a second for you! Love is within you! Love yourself! And rest of the world will start falling in love with you!

What!? Yea.. it's easy to say and hard to implement in real life! Take just one step, start with Abraham Hicks eBook. You will find it difficult in the beginning to do all good daily rituals. But then you will start experiencing change within yourself and your life. This new feeling will encourage you to do some more good for you. And finally you will find the way that you truly want for your life! You will live your dreams.


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