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What to do if a Guy You Like is Bad For You

Updated on September 5, 2011

I Like Him But...

         Have you ever met a guy and then you realized how much you like him? The only problem he does something that you can’t stand, something that you’ve always been against and could even affect your life, even if you’re not doing it.                                                   

            Many young girls meet guys who are bad news. Some of them even start smoking pot or doing other drugs. Some of those girls were once innocent but no more. So what do you do and how do you avoid being that girl? Just follow these steps:


1)      Make a list of all of the good things about this guy. What makes him so special? How does he treat you? What do you like about him so much?

2)      Now make a list of all of the bad things about this guy. Does he smoke pot or other drugs? Is he a player? Does he pressure girls into sex? Has he ever done something really bad before?

3)      Think about your future. If you have big dreams, you cannot be with someone who will hold you back. You can’t expect to be levelheaded and have a good career if you are with someone who can get you into trouble.

4)      Think about the consequences. What if you are around him and the police catch him? You will also get in trouble too, even if you are not doing anything. Do you really want to jeopardize your future and spend time in jail over a guy?

5)      You make the decision after doing all of these steps. Is he really worth it? Listen to your heart. Try talking to him about it, and tell him how you feel. If he says he will stop then give him a chance. If he says no, then get rid of him, even though you do like him another guy will come along who is even better. Even if this guy says yes and does not stop then move on. If he lied to you once about it, he will lie to you again and you do not want to be in a relationship that is a lie?

So there you have it, the steps to making a very hard decision. The hardest decision that someone could make is following their head or their heart. Your head tells you to do one thing but your heart tells you another. Think wisely and always do what you feel is right.


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    • novascotiamiss profile image

      novascotiamiss 6 years ago from Nova Scotia, Canada

      Thanks for all the good advice, hope many (especially young) girls will read it. Love is blinding and lets you put up with things that you don't like. A few months down the road things might look entirely different. Always think of that. You won't be able to change a man's bad habits. If they already disturb you now, it's time to quite your relationship.