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Funny Belated Happy Birthday Wishes - What to write on a Late Birthday Card - Humorous Late Birthday Messages

Updated on October 31, 2015
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A Software Developer who loves to design eCards and write poetry in her free time. It's wonderful to help others express their feelings.

A funny Belated Birthday eCard

Humorous messages to make up for forgetting!

We are all running in life to either achieve something meaningful or to keep our necessary meaningless achievements intact. In this run, sometimes, we miss birthdays - we miss wishing people and we feel sorry. Sometimes we don't, but off course you don't want to disclose that. Now getting too sentimental about hits and misses is not quite appreciated these days. People do appreciate smiles though, so how about sending smiles packed in belated birthday wishes? Not just a plain and boring, I'm sorry, belated happy birthday, and not a loaded excuse either. Let’s combine some silly excuses and light weight apologies to create humorous get-the-birthday-person-smiling kind of messages. Here are some interesting ideas.

1. Missed B'days - Compliments and Butter Polish to make up

Compliment shamelessly, and blame gets shifted with the compliment itself!

Its not my fault I forgot your birthday - you don't look old enough to be noticed!!

Just kidding! Hey, kidding about the fault, not about the compliment.

Sorry I forgot your birthday. Happy Belated Birthday to youthful you!!

2. Extending the Birthday Wishes by sending Belated ones

Say you were simply extending the birthday wishes! After all what’s the fun in having it all together!

I forgot your birthday on purpose. Just so that it gets extended with my belated wish!

Okay enough of silly excuses. I'm sorry I forgot your birthday.

Belated Happy Birthday

Forgot a B'day? Send an apology and a smile

Don't send a plain apology, pack it up with humor!
Don't send a plain apology, pack it up with humor! | Source

3. Belated Birthday Fun - The Fitting Rhyme

Do you realize how difficult it is to find the correct Rhyme? Rhyming birthday messages sound very nice, but you see, they take effort - and if you’re putting that effort, it only shows how much you care for the birthday guy or gal.

My forgetfulness is overrated,

This time it was just that I waited,

For right word which will fit my rhyme,

And it just happened to be Belated !!

Okay I know I'm just being silly. But, if it did make you smile, it was worth it :)

Sorry, and belated happy birthday.

4. Go Statistical - Yearly Birthday Wishes Distribution Graph

Ever heard of, even distribution? Any reason why it shouldn’t be applied to birthday wishes?

I was looking at graph of Good wishes for you over a yearly period. There was an obvious spike on your birthday.

So I forgot your birthday deliberately to make the distribution a little more balanced.

Oops. That was hopeless excuse. Sorry and Belated Happy Birthday

5. White Lies, specially in Birthday wishes, if accepted, can be funny too

Don't forget to mention the long nose when you talk about lies, it just makes the lies endearing like Pinocchio.

I couldn't think of a better way to surprise you - so I settled for pretending to forget your birthday and sending a belated birthday wish.

Okay. My ears are getting red and I'm scared of "elongated" nose. I'm sorry I forgot your birthday.

6. Birthday Memory - Consistency can’t be bad, or can it be?

Consistency will be consistency whether it will be in hits or in misses.

I remembered your birthday this time, seriously. But I decided to send a belated wish anyway. After all, consistency is an important quality.

7. Go on, Blame it on the Birthday Excitement

I was so indulged thinking about how best to plan for your birthday celebrations, that I forgot your birthday. Did I tell you, I strongly believe that White Lies which bring smile to a face are harmless. Belated happy birthday.

8. Tarot has all the Solutions, or may be, it was the problem?

"The Tarot reader told me that I shouldn't wish friends birthday on time for preserving their good fortune."

The above statement is a white lie to make you say - "Cheese"

Happy belated birthday

So have fun with Belated Birthday wishes!

Either copy these wishes and use them as is in your belated birthday greeting card, or be creative! Use the ideas above, mix them and you'll have an excellent belated birthday wish ready to make up for your forgetfulness.

The Belated Birthday Poll, not meant for Trolls!

Do you forget B'days? If yes, will you use funny belated wishes?

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