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What Men Love Most About Women

Updated on May 13, 2013

The things we love but don't say

Guys around the world get a bad wrap, for not saying it enough, or being as vocal or expressive about what he thinks and feels about his partner. Or maybe its that women in general are more self-conscious about their looks and their image, that they need more reassurance than the typical man is programmed to give. Regardless, most men can probably come up with a list of the little things that essentially endear you to him....and its not what you'd typically think. In fact, sometimes the things you don't like about yourself, may be the very thing that makes you work for him.

We love your hair....when its not done up.

Of course, we notice when you get all dolled up and dressed up to go out, but on a daily basis, when you're home from work and you pull your hair up, or its just going in every direction. we absolutely love that. Its comforting to us, and quite honestly, its how we see you most. When you're sitting there about to get up and say you have to do something with your hair, inside, and quiet to ourselves, we're thinking, why? you look just the way we like.

When you're frustrated and antsy or stressed, it's adorable.

I know its not fun and sometimes and we may seem a little insensitive, but most often, when you're running around and getting huffy over something, its pretty cute. Maybe its because it opens a door for us to do something nice for you, or to help you along your way, but being vulnerable and then letting us in to your life, is something we really appreciate.

Your decorating skills or lack there of, becomes our taste and style.

Subconsciously, I'd say most guys adapt to their woman's style of decorating. If a girl likes red, we tend to pick things out that are red, or if its black, we look for things that are black. Its amazing how it happens, but as time goes bye, our tastes tend to merge together and it becomes "our" taste. And although we don't say it, we can be out and about by ourselves and see something that we know you'd like...or at least we think you'd like. Now don't get me wrong, if your woman likes red, don't just buy something that is red. We're still men, and decorating and the like, should be left to the professionals,aka, women.

Your imperfect body, is what we love.

Wether its a little extra weight around the hips or a butt and hips that are too big or too little, big boobs, small boobs, whatever combination of imperfections you may think you have, are actually what draws us to you. And before I continue, do yourself a favor and don't point out your own flaws. It makes us feel like we're wrong for liking you....all of you. We wouldn't be with you if we weren't attracted to you. A woman's body is a combination of parts, some amazing, some less than amazing, but one offsets or accentuates the other in just the right way for you. No one else can be you, and we love that about you. Just as you are. So when you say, I need to lose this or I wish that....we're silently sayin to ourselves...what are you talking about, I like that, or....I would have never noticed if you hadn't brought it up.

We like your style of dress

When you're rushing to find something to wear and utter the...I don't have anything to wear, or I don't look good in that, we're sitting there to ourselves thinking...babe, you always look good. Should I wear this or that, honestly, we think you look good in either one. We really aren't that picky. And when you try to wear things you think we'll like, we end up missing you wearing what it is you like to wear. Whether its a favoriate pair of jeans, or a tank top, its you we love and not the clothes.

You're the sum of everything and not one thing makes or breaks it for us.

Its not just your smile, heck, you may have a horrible smile by social standards, but you may have a voice of an us. Or you may have plain jane simple hair and think that guys only want flowing, curly thick and lustrous hair, but maybe you have simple, blain drab hair, but you're always ready to go and do things without making us wait 3 hours for you to do your hair....we'd much rather have that, than amazing hair. Or what if you're short, and wish you were taller, or too tall and wish you were shorter, we see the benefits in either one.

Getting in the door is an entirely different subject, what initially attracts us to you, unfortunately, is often superficial, but once you're in, and the longer your in, the more and more the little things that are so ofen overlooked and unspoken, take on a deeper and more meaningful significance.


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