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Understanding the Opposition for Gay Marriage

Updated on December 3, 2012

I wish I could understand people who outlaw and fight against the LGBT community and their right to marry whoever they choose. What reasons are there aside from religious beliefs that should cause someone to fight this? Why in a country that is establish on the thought that all religions and beliefs are there laws that are set up to prevent someone from marrying the one they love?

I have to be honest...I have no desire to be married at this point but there are so many people that want that right and the federal, state, and local benefits that come with a legalized marriage.

What will it take?

President Barack Obama recently went public with his decision to support same-sex marriage. I was really happy when this came about because I did not think either of the polical parties were addressing the subject. I always felt like it was being ignored. All the time people are saying that there are more important matters like the economy, but what is more important then freedom?

I think the United States is no where close to perfect but I have to admit that I am an optimist when it comes to the future. I think there will be a better tomorrow for all people in general. It's always time to move forward and I'm glad that people are speaking up. (Improvements are being made and a few states have legalized gay marriage.)

Being afraid is a major problem when is comes to LGBT being accepted and valued for their opinions or rights. I still find myself questioning whether I should or should not speak up to my close family and friends. It's a hard choice when it comes to keeping the peace. All in all I think that most relationships should be kept private if they chose to be. The only reason I ever go public with a boyfriend of mine (such as holding hands or smoochin' in public) is because I think the world needs change and I think I need to get over my fears of rejection or getting in trouble.

It's okay for someone to believe homosexuality is wrong or what-not, but it is not okay to define a gay persons life or how they have to live. It's okay to define marriage between a man and a woman but it's not okay to legally deny what someone else's opinion of a marriage or the family unit is.

People want to be love and accepted. People want rights and people should get them even if they are not in the majority.

If you are for or against gay marriage I would like to know why and I would like a good reason!


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