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What You May Not Know About Kissing

Updated on March 16, 2011

The Truth About Kissing


Ever wonder why you get so turned on by kissing? There’s a deeper meaning for your intense passion than simply your attraction for the person you’re kissing. (Although attraction is a major factor) Use these interesting bits of information to learn more about kissing, when the best time to kiss is, and why it stimulates desire.

What You May Not Know About Kissing


Kissing Tid Bits


Nerve Endings in the Lips

There are literally thousands upon thousands of nerve endings in your lips. By kissing your partner before, during, after sex, you can stimulate these nerve endings, making the role of passion that much more appealing.

Close the “A-Frame”

When kissing your partner, stand face to face with your hips pressed together. Standing too far apart when kissing can be a bit uncomfortable for both of you. Instead, close the “A-frame” by pressing your bodies together as you kiss.

Get Him in the Mood

Over forty percent of men claim that a long, intense, steamy kiss will get them into the mood for love making. A sensual back massage after a long day of working couldn’t hurt either.

Kiss and Suck on His Earlobe

Many men get turned on by kissing and sucking on his earlobe. Also try tracing the outline of his ear with your tongue. While you’re at it, whisper something naughty to really get him turned on.

Kissing a Bad Kisser

Studies show that men are twice as likely to have sex with a woman who is a bad kisser than a woman would be to kiss a man who was a bad kisser.

Girl on Girl Action

Nearly fifty-four percent of women between the ages of 18 and 24 admit to kissing another female. However, this number drops down to forty three for women between the ages of 25 and 34.

The Importance of Intense Kisses

Planning to reach an orgasm during your next love making session? Passionless kisses aren’t going to cut it. Intense kisses evaluate the blood pressure, cause the heart to beat faster, and make it much easier to reach orgasm.

Mark X’s and O’s

During the middle ages, the use of x’s and o’s were used slightly different than how they are used nowadays. Marking an x on a document was used to pledge an honor. Today, it’s shorthand for a quick smooch.


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