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To Love or not to Love?

Updated on August 19, 2014

 It occurred to me today, as I was having a conversation with my boyfriend, that love is a pretty darn tricky thing sometimes. It seems that there are a lot of people that think they shouldn't be loved, or they are surprised when someone does love them, or they don't understand what someone could love about them. I get those feelings sometimes too, but not all the time. If someone loves me, (Thank God, he does), I accept it mostly. It's only sometimes when I wonder why he does, especially if he is so 'bad' with emotions. Why do we feel love when we don't think it's deserved. Why do we question love all of sudden in these newer generations? The ones that haven't seen things like the Holocaust and The Great Depression, and World War One and Two. Is it because a lot of our parents are divorced? Because people around us don't have a good marriage? Because love is something that is a myth, doesn't really exist, it's just in the minds of those who are lonely? I call bull shit on all that. Love is something that I believe is so real you can see it. I grew up with so much love around me, it just comes natural to me to love people. My friends, my family, my significant other. I believe it is something that SHOULD be shared and showed in life. If there is no love what do we have? We, as humans, love. It is the most confusing, terrifying, amazing, wonderful, hard, shocking emotion in the entire world. Everyone, no matter who they are, should experience love in their life, especially from a significant other. I think that is the most powerful love there is, when you find the right person to love you back. Love doesn't have a pattern, or rules, or even make sense sometimes. It just IS. Why do we question love when it is a good thing? If it seems too good to be true, is it still not indeed truly felt by that other person? Love is an emotion that has no reason, no excuse for the feeling, no 'eyes', so to speak, love truly is blind in a good way too. When a person is in love, they don't think it, they feel it. Love is not easy, of course it comes with work, what doesn't? I believe everything happenes for a reason, in the order it happenes. I don't love with a time limit, or an experation date. I love until my heart is broken, if it comes to that at all. Then my heart heals and I go out and love again. That is the way love works. It doesn't come at the perfect time all the time. It doesn't make sense sometimes to love the person you do, but if you love someone, there is no question about it in your heart. Love isn't always easy, but if you truly love someone, wouldn't you love them for all that they are? I think people give up to easily sometimes on a marriage or a relationship. If it's truly bad, then I don't blame a person, get out when you can as fast as you can. But to 'love' someone and then deliberatly make mistakes in the relationship, (i.e. cheating, treating the person like they aren't worth anything, ect.) is not truly love. I think this generation needs to learn what love is, and embrace it because it is something that is never going to go away between us.

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