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What's gonna happen after I come out? HELP!

Updated on May 9, 2016

I know that every single person in this world is different and we all have different life styles, so there's no rule which can be applied to all of us, but absolutely we all have something in common: YOU HAVE YOURSELF.

Maybe you can think that you won't make it but certainly if you really want you can make it possible. You are not alone, never. There are many nonprofit organizations which can help you, but truste me, you are never alone, we are a community, and we support each other.

What's gonna happen with my family?

You have already answered that question, they're your family and after all, they will be there to help, you just need to talk, but be sure you are ready, do not let anyone to push you, do it when you think is the best moment, not only for those around you but to yourself.

You can talk first to the person you trust the most, maybe your sister, your mother, whoever you are sure is never gonna turn his back on you, and that person can help you to make others understand that's something that you didn't choose, nobody did, you were born that way, and that does not changes who you are.

Let people around you realize that nothing has changed, and you have always been the same person SINCE YOU WERE BORN!, so, they won't have to change the way they threat you just because of your sexual orientation and everything will be just as it has always been.

Please, do not forget that everything gets better and there's sun after rain, be always yourself and be brave.


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