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What's great about Gemini Women

Updated on January 16, 2011

Advantages of being a Gemini Woman

Have you seen that graceful, yet strong and confident woman passing through the courtroom hallway in arrogance? It's her, it's a gemini woman who just got a divorce from her rich but maliciousman who literally "ate" 10 years of her already full life with lies and intrigues...took advantage of her adolescentine, slightly sensitive personality and just cheated her with his secretary.

Do you think she will mourne? or cry? or get a nasty depression over it? Never! Gemini women are the strongest women of the horoscope from one important point of view: they never get down over nasty experiences, but get back up and start all over again. They are the most adaptable and cold-blooded (in a good way) in respect of relationships' ups and downs, beginnings and endings. They are the ones who blow the dust off their shoulders and start a new life in the way they planned (because gemini women always have plans way before things happen, which they usually predict through this peculiar 6th sense for endings or changes).

The gemini woman who just got dumped by her husband has her system of protection already built and is ready to use it in every nasty way she can on the occasion of an argument or better yet, of a divorce in the courtroom.

The cheating ex-husband may even get surprised by all the aces his future ex-wife may have up her sleeves and by the new, optimist person he sees in front of him and finds hard to recognize. Was this his wife? His soft, sensitive and slightly stupid companion whom he would cheat and thought his tricks were unnoticeable to?

The mercurian girl may turn out to be someone who you never thought you would see in 10 years of quasi-happy marriage!

She can adapt her personality and behavior to almost any unpredictable situation, carrying inside of her that great power to start all over again. Even if you, cheater, never knew she was aware, she most certainly knew even the slightest details about your other relationships because she is smart. Maybe much smarter than you will ever be, even if you got filthy rich over a mere opportunity!

Of course, the story has a happy ending for the gemini woman: she gets everything she asks for at the divorce and even more, including the children who have already inherited the intelligenge and the common sense of this delicate fighter that is their mother...

She is a beautiful woman, it's very easy for her to find a better, maybe younger and a more honest man for her happiness. Until then, thank you for reading and stay tuned for other feminine horoscope signs in my future hubs...


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    • profile image

      Cookie 2 years ago

      Today this n!#g@ said the wrong thang to me..."that's why I keep 50% of financial business from you..."...all I could do was laugh! A real gemini could finish this statement--As if I ==.

    • Geminichique profile image

      Geminichique 3 years ago

      This is exactly what I am going through. The abusive marriage, having my plan and documents all ready when I got to court. When I did walk in the court room I had my kick-ass boots on and felt fierce! I have the children and everything he swore I'd never get from him. I ran circles around my ex-husband in the courts, he had forgotten how smart and strong I really am, he thought he had broken me. I ran my last circle and then walked right out the courtroom doors and into the arms of my wonderful & much younger man. Gemini woman are so amazing, beautiful, strong, smart, loving and we always come out on top.

    • profile image

      Liz P 3 years ago

      WOW! I am going through a separation soon divorce from a 12 year marriage, yep my Douche Bag of Aries husband cheated on me! because I neglected him and never showed emotions... again I am in shock your article describes me :)

      Moving this weekend to a nice place and kept my 2 beautiful boys & guess what he cannot stop apologizing and already can feel he knows he made a mistake the wrong choice. I will never ever be with him again, he broke that trust and I am done. Thanks for this it made me feel fuller & confident.

    • profile image

      Febrezzy 5 years ago

      Wow did u write this bout me i am a gemini i was with a cancer with 10 years. I just ended it. Can u guess why lol. We will be going to court soon. Cant wait!! I already do have it played out in my head how it will go. Down to everything including our children

    • profile image

      amy 6 years ago

      i totally agree!

    • taja609 profile image

      taja609 6 years ago from UK

      Well I happen to be but that is not exactly the point of the article and neither is my suspicion that you are one of us too...I really appreciate your comment thank you!

    • profile image

      Mary  6 years ago

      This is the most exact description of how Gemini woman is. You are a genies.