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When Family Becomes Famine.

Updated on October 13, 2009


when family becomes famine!


When discourse becomes Divorce,
what follows is remorse,
as families become famine
split by law into two parts.

In pain, that is doled out amongst all, 
a shattered  marriage is shared unequally,
 Solomon is long dead, 
yet the children stand divided,
against the love of both.

Add to this grievous mix
babies being born by babies,
or aborted into non-family status.

Simmer the above with television, and movies
replacing mom's arm, and her reading,
as well as dad, and mom's quality time
sacrificed to work, to pay for
the increases caused by glut, and need.

Drain the fat of excess lust from some
Faiths, which are abusing thier own
flock's children, by the thousands.

Add a pinch of bitter herbs,
as single parents struggle
into the madness of abuse,
of their own children,
when life turns sour,
all around the angelic faces
that they can't stand
to care for anymore.

Heap on levels of grief as
schools keep piling tons of homework
upon the children's backs,
bent like pilgrims they progress
down rocky paths where there is
no time for father, no time for mother,
just homework, and proficiency tests,
that replace evenings of love,
games and sharing time together.

Where will it all end????
When no child is left behind,
but all are rushed into adulthood,
far faster then they can mature.


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    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago

      Beautiful! It speaks.